Pulse Report: G-Unit Undergoes A Face Lift, Nicki Minaj's A**tounding Run Up Close, Fabolous Stays Killin' Em

Friday, Apr 22, 2011 12:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, we take a look at the "new" G-Unit brand, say farewell to Nicki Minaj's a**tounding run, give big props to Fabolous and oh SOHH much more!

1. Back In The Day

What can I say about G-Unit that hasn't been said about, well, maybe no other rap group, doggies? You see, I've always held 5-0 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo in a special light. Let's not forget they came into the rap game spitting and taking names. Those mixtapes were hardbody and after the money, the cars and the fame, doggies fizzled out like morning Pepsi at 3 PM. SMFH. Internal beefs kicked Game out the group, then signed M.O.P., alignment with Ma$e, some rapper named Spider Loc and then, a few years later, VA-MOOSH son of a b*tch. Not only that, Olivia? GONE. Young Buck? GONE. DJ Whoo Kid? Hmmmm........

"I ain't get my pink slip yet," Whoo Kid joking said in an interview. "I'm not worried, man. All I do know is he does have new records that he wants to showcase and since 50 [Cent] -- especially with the Hot Rod situation -- he wants to broaden the horizon. I guess he wants to get into the club scene. I think [DJ Pauly D's] G-Note. I haven't gotten the full thing yet...What's cool about 50, he'll call you and say you're fired. [laughs]" (Shade 45)

^ LOL. Laugh all y'all want doggies, but I can tell undertones in doggies' voices, even if it is in the written format. LOL. G-Unit, or whatever they call themselves these days, are too late to be going through this transition phase. No disrespect, but you only have Lloyd Banks who has made fame off his debut, Tony Yayo which hasn't been able to put out an album since 2005 and 5-0 who's fake confidence won't allow him to come to terms and announce that he's lost it. But now that 5-0 is bringing new elements like "Jersey Shore's" DJ Pauly D to the table? I don't know. It feels to me like 5-0 is trying to do something that's hot but it's really not. Y'all be the judge of that. Bottom line is Pauly is in the Unit. SMFH. Now if that wasn't enough, turns out Mobb Deep's Prodigy didn't learn anything the last time things went sour at G-Unit and is looking for....another shot? SMFH.

50 Cent Prodigy & Havoc

"You can go get your money, elsewhere. And when that happened I was always talking to 50 [Cent] the whole time while I was locked up, and I basically asked him 'How are we going to proceed? How are we going to move forward when I get back?' And he was telling me he was interested in negotiating a new deal, with the new situation he's got, and I was like, 'Alright, cool.' Came back home, and we're still talking about it, throwing ideas around now about how we want to do it, but as of right now we're free agents." (Complex)

^ Look doggies, I f*ck with Mobb Deep hardbody and they're probably one of my favorite rap duos of all time, behind Beatnuts, EPMD, etc. But the fact that they're even entertaining the idea of a G-Unit return is dumb as h*ll. Can y'all even imagine? Look, I don't mean to keep breaking 5-0's balls but it's "BECAUSE" they went to G-Unit that they lost their appeal. After sh*t ran sour with Game, fans started looking at 5-0 and the whole Unit in a new light and when that Blood Money album dropped, yeah, y'all already knew what it was. LOL. FYI, it dropped in 2006 at No. 3 with 106K. It went down from there, doggies. But before I let y'all think about a possible new G-Unit with Mobb Deep and DJ Pauly D on board, here's a scary thought for y'all to really think about:

Lloyd BanksDr. Dre

"One of the biggest things I want to do is I want to produce. As far as sounds. I kind of know what's missing or what would even just sound dope in certain places. I'm also learning how to alter my voice a lot, and use it different ways. But I know there's so much more I can do. I think you can't be the best artist you can be, like completely overall, until you're able to dictate the pace of your music. And the only way you do that is to be able to create the beat. So artists like Dr. Dre, Eminem and Kanye West are the best for a reason. They don't have to wait to get a beat from whoever the hot beat maker is. They create it. " (All Hip Hop)

^ SMFH. Lloyd Banks producing? GTFOH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes doggies, G-Unit is looking a lot different these days. SMFH.

2. A** Like That

Doggies, I'm not gonna lie to y'all. I ain't the type to go out and buy tickets to a chick show. I don't care if it's the baddest chicks in the game. Rihanna. Beyonce. Ciara. Nicki Minaj? MAYBE! LOL. Nicki Minaj is showing doggies that sex sells, even if it's her a** grinding on a doggy's d*ck. SMFH. What turned out to be almost accidental has turned into an a** touring road trip where Nicki is blessing doggies with that fatty. Since word is the show is about to end, here's a small tribute to the "show" we've seen.

March 16th

Nicki Minaj had a wild stage show last night in Providence as she kicked off the "I Am Music II" tour with Lil Wayne, Travis Barker and Rick Ross. She ran through a few of her Pink Friday hits before summoning a lucky fan to the stage. She then instructed him to "Keep your legs open, hands behind your back, and keep your mouth shut!" (Necole Bitchie)

March 27th

Nicki Minaj usually treats one male fan to a lap dance during her concerts, but the crowd was in for a surprise when that man happened to be Lil Wayne. Young Money's First Lady (and her jaw-dropping booty) danced up on a grinning Weezy during the "I Am Music II" tour stop at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum on Sunday (March 27). He was so overcome by the experience that he eventually fell out of his chair. Now that's a moment for life. (Rap-Up)

April 6th

Young Money queen Nicki Minaj continues to give Weezy lap dances on the "I Am Music" concert tour. This is the second time Nicki jumped on Weezy's lap and grinded her YoungMoney partner (if you missed round 1 click here). The video was filmed this week in Miami at the Atlantic Center. (Celeb Promoter)

April 14th

New Orleans Hornets baller Chris Paul's fiancee/baby moms Jada got a sneak peek at what his bachelor party would be like last night. Nicki Minaj pulled him on stage for her nightly lap dance. Watch Nicki make Chris blush inside.....The I Am Music Tour II rolled into New Orleans--Lil Wayne's hometown--for one of their largest tour stops. And, of course, NBA baller Chris Paul was at the New Orleans arena to support Young Money. (The YBF)

April 15th

Raptress Nicki Minaj continues giving lap dances in every city of the "I Am Still Music II" tour. When stopping by Dallas, Texas for a show last Friday night, April 15, the "Moment 4 Life" singer showed her appreciation to two soldiers for their service to the country by treating them to the sexy dance. (AceShow Biz)

April 19th

TMZ has posted video from Tuesday's Lil Wayne tour stop at US Airways Center that clearly shows Nicki Minaj and her "famously plump caboose," as they call it, performing a lap dance on Steve Nash. The video shows him seated in a chair on stage as Minaj runs her hand through his hair and caresses his chest from behind before straddling the chair and grinding into Nash while he just sits there with a look that says, "I wonder if I should have let this happen?" (AZ Central)

The Verdict?

nicki-minaj-lap-dance-2011-04-22-300x300.jpgNicki Minaj & Lil Wayne

"This will be my last round of lap dances," Minaj revealed in an interview. "When I go [out] with Britney [Spears], no more lap dances...The [alias] that comes out with the lap dances on stage, I think that's Lap Dance Nika. Let's call her Lap Dance Nika. Some of my fans, my Team Minaj Barbz, they've called me that sometimes on Twitter, so I thought it was cute, so we'll call her Lap Dance Nika." (Power 106)

^ Say good-bye, doggies.

3. Doggy of the Week: Fabolous

LOL. I know doggies, everydoggy is thinking that I'm going to go with Prodigy b/c of that wild a** media spree he's got going on where he's literally talking to EVERY reporter. Nope. Or what about Lil Wayne since his team is springing more leaks than a Poland Springs factory? Nah, not him either. Doggies, I decided to go a little left wing and roll with a doggy that might secretly have the summer on lock, so I'm gonna call it out. F-a-b-o-whatever the h*ll you want to spell/say doggy's name. Fabolous gets the title for a few reasons. As I just hinted, doggy has been heating up your girl's ringtone account with that "You Be Killin' Em" banger since last fall but something about "right now" makes it feel like he's on the verge of something big. F*ck the lead-in, let's jump-in, doggies!

1. Look At Her, Doggies

Fabolous' massacre continues. The Brooklyn rapper hit the studio with Ne-Yo and Ryan Leslie to record a soulful sequel to his There Is No Competition 2 mixtape hit "You Be Killin' 'Em" called "Look at Her (Killin' 'Em Part 2)." Get a taste of the new version from Fab's The S.O.U.L. Tape, due April 21, which serves as a prequel to his next studio album Loso's Way 2. (Rap-Up)

^ Doggies, take it from me, I'm the type of doggy that was telling peeps that "I Won't Tell" would be a certified dud and that "Make Me Better" wouldn't make it onto the radio. In other words? I can't call it when it comes to the R&B sh*t but the radio play this record is getting over at Power 105/Hot 97? SMFH. It premiered last week, but over the past seven days, it's become something not to sleep on, doggies. Watch your ladies.

2. Tag Teams, Nah, Threesome Doggies. Pause.

"We just really started it, we've also talked about doing a project with me and Ne-Yo, kind of a Best of Both Worlds project -- with Ryan Leslie on the production," Fab explained in an interview. "'You Be Killin' Em 2' is a little taste of that. Just to hear how it would start. That remix came from the original song which [it] complimented women. This one does the same but I wanted to change the vibe. Summer's coming, you know, weather'sbreaking. I wanted it to be that sexy summer song. A lot of guys are like, 'Oh man, where's the bars? It's not enough bars.' It's eight bar verses but the vibe is there. I think most people connected with that more than saying it's just going to be a big hip-hop record. I wanted the vibe to still be there and the girls to get it. The beat ain't no punk neither. You can bop your head to the beat whether you a dude or a girl." (Rap Radar)

^ LMFAO. Pause on that sh*t right there, doggies! Y'all know what I'm trying to say though, right? LOL. At the end of the day, Fab being a part of a threesome, uh, supergroup is still a hot idea. I mean, let's face it, the chances of suicidal doggy Lupe Fiasco/Kanye West/Pharrell coming together is looking less than even close to likely so why not keep hope alive for Fab on the bars, Ne-Yo on the hook and Leslie putting them instrumentals to work? I f*ck with the idea, doggies. Y'all?

3. Like A Boss, Doggy!

FabolousDef Jam

"The album, we just started on that. I really just got a lot of beats on that, picking beats out or whatever. Then I lock in and attack the beats, like a monster in a cave. [Laughs] I drag the beats back to my cave. [Deadline?] Not really. I usually have deadlines but I don't. They tell you what time you need to do something, and it's like, 'Okay, I work toward that time, but if it's not ready, it's not ready.' But I'm definitely not the type that will just let something not come out. There's a couple [of] albums right now that people have been talking about for a year..." (XXL Mag)

^ LOL. Sorry doggies but I'm a sucker for slick sh*t talk. LOL. The fact that Fabolous is saying that no doggy is gonna tell him when to put his sh*t out is probably the most non-STFU-but-should-be-STFU statement ever. Basically he's saying Def Jam ain't f*cking with his timing. LOL. How come this didn't work out for Lupe? LOL.

4. I Got The Doggies & The B*tches, Doggies

Yung BergFabolous

Fabolous. Fab's in there because he's a f*cking radio record, b*tch record smasher. I love n*ggas that make records for the b*tches because that's what I do myself, personally. I think he's consistently put out quality records year after year for the streets and for the women.

^ LMFAO. Even though y'all know I don't f*ck with Yung Berg, I'm a sucker for co-signs. I mean, did Berg really call Fab a "f*cking radio record, b*tch record smasher?" LMFAO!!!!!!! WTF?

5. I Re-Invented That Re-Mix, Doggies

"The S.O.U.L. Tape is a mixture of soul sampled beats and some soul and sampled instrumentals from other people's songs like I guess people have seen the 'Devil In A Blue Dress' freestyle that I did," Fab explained in an interview. "That was sort of one of the soul beats I used to freestyle over. Things in that lane and that vein. It made the CD more like a vibe CD...I wanted to bring that [remix trend] back to the game. I saw that the game, when it came to remixes now, was just picking up three, four, five other dudes and throwing them on the same beat and letting that rock out. I think every now and again that's cool. Sometimes some beats are so infectious, that's cool too, but I think people should go back to creating a new song and bringing a new experience to a record and bringing the record back to life as well." (Rap Radar)

^ Think about it doggies, Fab has a point. Just that hot a** "Throw It In The Bag" remix with him and Drake is enough to certify his proclamation. Doggy may have really upped the remix game. Really think back and ponder, doggies.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Sultry Simone

LMFAO. Doggies, doggies, doggies. What can we say about Sultry Simone that hasn't been said about any other past Mrs. Butterworth? She's got that good good, ya dig? LOL. Nah, let me stop bullsh*tting with you doggies real quick. Doggies have been telling me about her for a minute now and I won't even lie, I am tight that it took me this long to peep her stash of pics. She's hardly old enough to drink and she's got a body that'll melt M&M's on a winter day in the Bronx. LOL. Not only that, she has a dope a** personality, peep her own description of herself:

Born Areille' Simone' Anderson aka "Sultry Simone", this gift I offer you stands 5 feet, 5 inches tall and measures in with a 34-25-42 beautifully well wrapped package, with sexy brown eyes that can speak to your soul and soft sweet caramel skin tone! My body is my temple... so I don't drink or smoke, and to walk in my shoes, (he he he ) well you need to wear a size 7-1/2 stiletto.

SMFH....doggies, take your d*mn caps off and button up your shirt straight, this week's Mrs. Butterworth is what Bulldog Butters ordered!

Sultry SimoneSultry Simone

Sultry SimoneSultry Simone

Sultry SimoneSultry Simone

And just to keep y'all doggies wagging your tails, here some more candy for the sweet tooth. LOL. Sultry is MY kind of chick.

^ SMFH!!!! I QUIT, DOGGIES!!!!!! Jesus! Jesus! Fuego! Fuego!!!!!!!!!

SMFH. Doggies, winter is over and spring is gonna pass fast. Better start scouting out a couple of summer wifeys. D*mnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

5. "STFU" Honors

SMFH. Here we go once again doggies. I keep on asking myself how can "SHUT THE F*CK UP" HONORS be better? I've contemplated hooking up my cousin's Serato machine and coming up with a little funny a** theme song MP3 or even seeing if SOHH can make artwork to accompany these wacky a** doggies. Then I thought to myself. Why? LOL. What these doggies are saying shouldn't be washed out with side tricks. Y'all doggies need to remember them for what they're popping off. SMFH. Where oh where do we begin? How about Flesh-N-Bone talking like it's still 1995? SMFH. Nah? Well then, how about Jim Jones calling Mase 'Betha' and then trying to go ballin'? SMFH. Even worse? Just call up Birdman and find out why he thinks Forbes is bullsh*tting on his stats. LOL. Forget the last two doggies, y'all gotta see it to believe it!

1. Flesh-N-Bone

"What the f*ck do people mean it ain't no Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, because Krayzie's b*tch a** decided he wanted to quit? Man f*ck Krayzie homie. Put that in the paper. Check this out, check this out...Bone Thugs-N-Harmony gonna keep moving as Bone Thugs-N-Harmony man...Bone Thugs-N-Harmony don't consist of no mother f*ckin Krayzie Bone man, it consists of Flesh,Bizzy, Wish, Krayzie and Layzie. Just because one n*gga decided to quit don't mean its over for Bone Thugs-N-Harmony...Listen to what I'm telling you, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is on a world wild motherf*cking tour."

2. Jim Jones

"I haven't seen Betha or any sh*t like that," Jones told SOHH referring to Mason "Mase" Betha. "But you know, it would be good to see Betha. Maybe we could go and play basketball with him or something because I ain't seen Betha in a minute. We all came from the same hood, above all. Money sometimes separates the closest of friends but we grown at this point. I ain't got nothing against Betha."

3. Baby

"I don't know how they tally up," Baby said in an interview with Uptown Angela referring to Forbes' list. "To my knowledge I thought it was down. They said I made a $100 million dollars. I don't know where they get that sh*t from. I'm banking in more than a $100 million. That's a low number for a n*gga like me. But it's cool. For anybody to recognize anything is respected. We know what to do. The goal in our life and my life is to be a billionaire. I'm flipping hundreds. I ain't that far. I'm about eight steps."

4. Vado

"I feel like Kobe [Bryant] when he first went to the Lakers," Vado told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. "You know he had the talent, you know he been good since he got to that level but now it's time to see what he can do on the mainstream. You know? ... Everybody is going to be satisfied. Trust me. It's going to be music for everyone. [What do I not want to do with my Interscopedebut?] Not be [myself]. Anything you do, be yourself at it."

^ *DEAD!!!*

5. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow, Tupac & Biggie (Concept)Tupac

SC: Speed round: Miles or Coltrane? GP: Miles SC: The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? GP: Beatles SC: Patsy Cline or Billie Holiday? GP: Billie H SC: Biggie or PAC? GP: Biggie by miles SC: Michael or Prince? GP: Prince!

***Doggies, we made it to GOOD Friday! Thank Jesus! LOL. Anyways though, I keep seeing the slick sh*t talking in Cap Diss, don't think I ain't paying attention to the "bullsh*t" references, doggies. I might have to just bust out of this SOHH rule and come up with an alias to get at y'all doggies in the comments. LOL. These NBA play-offs are getting unpredictable but I still got money that says the Knicks come back and take the series from punk a** Boston. LOL. And y'all Lakers fans are quiet as h*ll these past few days, y'all good? LOL. We'll see what's what, doggies. In the meantime, enjoy Easter weekend!***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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