Pulse Report: Rick Ross' Boss Interview, Foxy Brown's A Big, Fat...Liar, Lil Wayne Wins Again

Friday, Apr 1, 2011 12:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

In this week's Pulse Report, doggies, we take a look at what could easily be Rick Ross' best interview to date, find out why Foxy Brown keeps snitching on herself, applaud Lil Wayne for continuing his murderous winning spree and oh SOHH much more!

1. The Best D*mn Rick Ross Interview I've Ever Read

Now doggies, it doesn't take ten porn stars and a rocket scientist to realize I ain't the type to sit down and read a PRINT magazine. LOL. The days of reading XXL Magazine and The Source or even VIBE are beyond over. Not even on the sh*tter. LOL. Why read that when I got an iPhone? My point is, unless it's something that I can read online, I don't get down. The world could be under attack with the whole story printed in the NY Post and I'll still wait for a Google Alerts message on my phone. So it's no surprise that on my trip out to Long Island earlier this week that I came across an article on RapRadar that had my a** glued to the public transit seat. It was a piece done by Elliott Wilson for RESPECT magazine (?) featuring Ricky Rozay. Simply put? This sh*t had it all. It was a regular Q&A but the sh*t just came together like a good read, no bogus a** questions that were about sh*t you'd read in a press release. It was about stuff like him getting love from my Dominicans out in the Heights to why he really went at 5-0 Cent to getting past the C.O. sh*t. Doggies, prepare yourselves, as I picked the best few quotes and will proudly say, y'all SHOULD READ THE WHOLE Q&A and even buy a copy. LOL.

Teflon Don--some people had it at number one for 2010. You came right back with the mixtape,Ashes to Ashes. Why was it important to give people another project after you'd already given them a really strong album?

My expectations for myself may be higher than the usual standards. And I thought it was cool. My core audience really enjoyed Teflon Don, and they want to know what's next. And when you give them a project like Ashes to Ashes, it's always cool to let them in on the inside.

You're giving people A-level material for free.

A lot of people feel like Ashes to Ashes should've been sold, but there's a time and place for everything, and I think the time was to put the music out now, coming into the New Year. At the New Year, a lot of people want to know who they can expect to be on top of their A-game, and I think, coming from this MMG camp, you know what time it is. We made that clear.

But if you feel like you're on your A-game, number-one level, why agree to be an opening act on Wayne's "I Am Music 2" tour?

I still have a lot of room to grow. This tour is definitely a great opportunity, if you're on top of your game. Wayne's an icon of this generation, and just being a part of that sh*t and touching that crowd is going to help your brand. And also that's my fam. So I'm not only excited from a business and a financial standpoint, I'm also excited because I know how we all work. Me and Birdman, we got maybe 30 to 40 records we did together. Me and Wayne, the new record we got on Tha Carter IV, uhhh...you know.


Speaking of New York, the other day you celebrated your birthday there. Being such a student of the game, how special was--

Of course it was. I'm getting love from the Dominicans. The Dominicans brought me up there to Washington Heights. It was pink Champagne everywhere, smoke was in abundance, people sending me gifts, bottles, and I'm getting bags of cologne, cakes and gifts from street niggas. This is a type of appreciation that you can really appreciate at the end of the night. Give a shout-out to all my homies in New York City, caliber niggas, and what we really wanna see, and what we want to come from all this. We want a union before we want a standoff.

You speak often in the code of the streets, but no artist has taken more attacks on their credibility than you.

That's why I'm still here, stronger than ever, richer than ever, bigger than ever. I'm going to call the shots as long as I want to. That's the difference between [me and] other niggas who talk about it. Who really be about it? Who really bringing money to the table for niggas? Who really bawsed it up, who really putting their egos to the side and wanna see their partners win? Who really wanna see their lil' homies have a good Christmas? That's what really separates the true bosses, you know what I mean?

With the 50 battle, some people forget you jabbed him first, right? With the "Mafia Music" joint--you kind of tapped him.


Because you just didn't like his energy?

It boiled down to what really was going on. It wasn't nothing at the time that was personal against 50 Cent, but he was attacking people, and began attacking people closer and closer to me, to a point where I had to make a decision. I felt I was gonna be next on that list. So I took the offensive.

People were shocked by that. It's like you don't pick a fight with the bully. It stunned the whole game overall.

N*ggas gotta study history. The mob bosses always get whacked at the end. Sometimes by someone of lesser value, of lesser importance, you feel me? So, on that note, you gotta understand there's always niggas that's willing to make that sacrifice on some real sh*t. When you really step out there, and you want to get into some shit, you've got to be on your A-game. My goal is to deliver hit records. But don't get it mistaken, we are the muscle--we are the muscle.

But isn't it really just about dope music trumps all? It's not about C.O. talk, it's if I make the dopest sh*t, I win?

If I'm the richest n*gga on the block, if I'm the flyest n*gga on the block, it ain't no way to get around that. If I'm feeding the most niggas in the 'hood, if I'm looking out for the most b*tches, and keeping it real with the most niggas that I can, it's no way to get around that. And if you're doing that, wherever you at, you're gonna be successful. And at the end of the day, if you're not successful, no one cares about you. Being successful, making dope records, it's being a part of dope moments in musical history, you feel me? That's the only thing I'm concerned about. I have no personal quarrels with no one in this music business--none. I set my goals, my standards. Other than that, it ain't nothing personal. I fuck with who I fuck with, and they know who they are, and anybody else.... I'm all about moneybags. You feel good once you crack that 20 million mark; I wanna know what it's like to hit 50.


^ Doggies, I know y'all are just seeing copy/paste right here, but believe you me, it's the best Rick Ross interview I've read. That includes his radio/magazine/tv interviews as well. Respect, RESPECT.

2. Fox In The Hole

Yes, doggies. I know. Foxy Brown is primarily the reason only 3/4 of the normal Pulse Report readers are taking the time to look at this week's post. SMFH. And I can't blame y'all. How much more bullsh*t and non-interesting stuff do we gotta hear out of this doggy's mouth? No disrespect, but the last time she made a big enough buzz for doggies to care is when she went deaf for a year or something, right? Now? SMFH. She's the equivalent of DMX, without the jail I guess. Her latest stunt? LOL. Bullsh*tting on my doggy Tom Joyner. SMFH. What in the h*ll has this rap sh*t gone to?

Foxy BrownFoxy Brown

*Another "Brown" is in the news for acting a fool in public. Tom Joyner announced on his show this morning that Foxy Brown was kicked off of his "Fantastic Voyage" cruise and escorted right to a plane. "We put Foxy off the cruise. Let's just say she got put off," Joyner said on his morning show. "You had to really act a fool to get put off." The radio vet and his crew offered no details about what went down. (Eur Web)

And the survey says?

"SO I'm up packing my Luby's and Kirkwoods to meet my pumpkin Shyne in Belize for a lil' vacay.......and I get a call that Tom joyner is on the radio disrespecting me....again!," she tweeted March 25th.
"OKAY NOW MR. JOYNER, your old enough to be my grandfather which is why I let your distasteful comments in our interview go.... without putting you in your place."
"Obviously, u equated my silence with weakness. My maturation with passivity. Grandpa you need to learn some respect, I'm the wrong one to romp wit you will get checked!!"
"Lying a**! It was absolutely nothing but LUV from my arrival to the day I left. Hugs from Monie Love and kisses from Dougie Fresh.... I tore the stage down! That's the thanks I get?? U wait til' I leave the ship and then 2 days later your on the air saying negative sh*t!" (Foxy Brown's Twitter)

^ SMFH. I mean, WTF? Even her tweets sound retarded as h*ll. Her "pumpkin" Shyne? LOL. Playing that age sh*t ain't cool either. Let's not act like you're 32 going on 45. SMFH. The problem with rappers that are known for f*cking up and just being crazy is that you got sites like Media Take Out, The Smoking Gun and TMZ that LOVE this sh*t. They wait for you to publicly f*ck up and then scoop up the proof to put your a** out on front street. SMFH. Read it doggies:

Passengers on the cruise tell TMZ, Foxy set up a nail appointment on the cruise ship last Monday -- a day after the cruise took off -- and showed up three hours late. We're told the people at the salon couldn't accommodate her when she rolled around -- and Foxy went completely ballistic. According to sources, security removed her from the salon and sent her back to her room -- where she remained under supervision until Wednesday ... when the ship dropped anchor somewhere in the Cayman Islands ... and authorities kicked her off. We're told Foxy -- who performed on board the day before the incident -- was then escorted to an airport and flown home. (TMZ)

I give up, doggies. She's done. I'll take any TMZ source over Foxy's defenses any day. LOL.

3. Doggy of the Week: Lil Wayne

D*mn doggies, if I had it my way, Lil Wayne would earn DOGGY OF THE YEAR for 2011, and we're only two-three months into the year, right? Yeah, I thought it would be Rick Ross, but I think he earned it last year. This year? Lil Wayne has already paved the way. His Young Money team is official, even though only Nicki Minaj and Drake dropped albums thus far. He's got money falling out of his a**. His "Tha Carter IV" album is going to do SICK numbers and oh yeah, he's LIL WAYNE. Let's stop this silly sh*t and get right into it doggies. Salutations to Lil Wayne, the latest "Doggy of the Week."

1. I Get A** & More, Doggies

Nicki Minaj usually treats one male fan to a lap dance during her concerts, but the crowd was in for a surprise when that man happened to be Lil Wayne. Young Money's First Lady (and her jaw-dropping booty) danced up on a grinning Weezy during the "I Am Music II" tour stop at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum on Sunday (March 27). He was so overcome by the experience that he eventually fell out of his chair. Now that's a moment for life. (Rap-Up)


2. I Get A** & Even More, Doggies

lil-wayne-shanell-2011-03-30-300x300.jpgShanell & Lil Wayne

After getting treated to a lap dance from Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne got some lovin' from another one of Young Money's leading ladies. Weezy and singer-songwriter Shanell steamed up the stage while performing "Lollipop" and "Prom Queen" on the "I Am Music II" tour stop's second night at Long Island's Nassau Coliseum. The hip-hop martian rocked out wearing a Famous Stars and Straps T-shirt that read "Travis Mutha F*ckin' Barker" in honor of his tourmate Travis Barker. (Rap-Up)

I hate my life, doggies. *BLANK STARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

3. Celebrity Chicks Are Feeling The Dog, Doggy

Lil Wayneparis-hilton-2011-03-27-300x300.jpg

"For me it was okay because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts," said Wayne of his one-month stint in solitary confinement, after being caught with an iPod at Rikers Island last year. The 28-year-old was serving an eight-month sentence after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon. "There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no sort of nothing...I was okay. I did fine," said Wayne, who released an album in jail. "At the end of this year, I want to be able to say that I banked $50 million," he said. "Not generated $50 million, but actually banked $50 million.'' (New York Daily News)

Come the h*ll on? Paris Hilton is interviewing Lil Wayne now? What in the h*ll is going on in this rap sh*t? LOL. Now if that doesn't prove that hip-hop is still the best thang smoking, then all of y'all are bugging. But taking their conversation awe out of the picture, look at Wayne's ambition. $50 million in one year? SMH. I was going to put this in the "STFU" Honors section at first and then I realized it. This doggy really is about getting money. You'd think he had four baby mamas....uhhhhh, well. LOL. Keep getting that money Weezy!

4. I'm Out This B*tch, Doggies

"I would say me, I'll be the first to retire," Wayne told radio host Angie Martinez when asked who would be the first to retire in Young Money. "I'm gone at like 35. I promise, I'm retiring early. Nah, I'm serious... I have four kids and I would feel selfish not to at that age. At 35, I would feel selfish still going to the studio when it's such a vital point in their lives, not to be there. That would be very selfish of me. This is a solid plan and I stick with my plans. I'm gonna be a dad, a full-time dad." (Hot 97)

I respect this, doggies. Seriously. Now even though we've had rappers say this same sh*t and then go off to make platinum albums, Jay-Z, I really do believe Wayne is telling the truth right here. That's seven more years in this rap game. And he's been doing it since a teenager too. SMFH. How in the h*ll is this doggy still relevant, doggies? Look at Bow Wow! LOL.

5. Still Wanted In Large Supply, Doggies

Jennifer Lopez dropped her second single called "I'm Into You". The song is quite catchy with mid-tempo, island-flavored jam and it's injected with Hip-Hop vibes which are brought by Young Money rap mogul Lil Wayne. "When I look into your eyes it's over/ you got me hooked like a love controller," she sings her verses. Featuring a catchy "na na nananana na na eh" hook, "I'm Into You" is recorded for Jennifer Lopez's new album "Love?" which is coming in the U.S. on April 12. (Ace Showbiz)

SMFH. Even though the last hot rap collabo J. Lo did was with Styles P and Jadakiss, this sh*t is hardbody. CO-SIGNED. Come on doggies, Lil Wayne and J. Lo on the same track? This doggy is everywhere. A Lil Wayne feature alone can boast any doggy's career. Playaz Circle, anydoggy?

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Myammee

Doggies, with my New York Knicks looking more unstable than the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I figure it's time to hop on a bandwagon. Yeah, the Bulls look like they got a run in them but what doggy has a ring on them? The Celtics? Well, I'm from NYC so "Fauk Bah-Stun!" which leads us to Miami. The Heat got a couple rings on the team, a two-time MVP and a sh*tload of NBA All-Stars (past/present). So, in the spirit of Miami, why not name "Myammee" this week's Mrs. Butterworth? LOL. My cousin told me she's been out the video vixen/modeling game for a long a** minute so I should jump at this opportunity to post her a** up here. If I had my way, I'd go with another Kristal Solaris collection of pics, but eh, something fresh. Feast your tongues on this treat, doggies!




SMFH. D*mn, it's still cold as h*ll up here but Miami and LA are looking nice and right.

^ SMFH. Apologies doggies. This is WHY I am a Knicks fan for life. F*CK MIAMI "AND" MYAMMEE!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. "STFU" Honors

Doggies, I welcome your crazy a**es back to possibly the best section of Pulse Report. Sure, the other sh*t keeps y'all in-tune with what's going on in rap but like I've said in the past, it's this section that's the equivalent to Beyonce falling on her a** while performing or seeing Charlie Sheen live in concert. LOL. This week? Nothing but the best. We got Lil Wayne trying to convince doggies he's got the anthrax for rappers, then we're gonna peep Rick Ross saying Wale is gonna Kanye West this rap game. *DEAD* I f*ck with Wale and Ross is the boss right now, but WTF!?!? NO COMMENT. After that, we're gonna peep Lady Luck once again getting ink on SOHH but saying she's found the equivalent to Jay-Z? LMFAO!!!! STOP IT! And what better way to round it out than to have Somaya Reece talking more sh*t than her a** lets out and then Shyne....SMH. Y'all gotta read how "modest" this doggy is. LOL. Doggies, once again, welcome to "SHUT THE F*CK UP" Honors!

1. Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne50 Cent, Diddy & Jay-Z (Forbes)

The Young Money MC invited Rolling Stone to preview "Wayne's World," one of the songs expected to make his highly-anticipated album. "There's a lot of rapping on this," shared Weezy. "I want other rappers to hear it and say, 'I quit. I better start making club songs.'" The magazine goes on to describe the track as "three machine-gunning minutes of adenoidal wordplay topped with a triumphant hook."

2. Rick Ross

Rick Ross & Kanye Westwale-rick-ross-2011-03-29-300x300.jpg

"After spending months of my summer working with Kanye, I learned and seen so many different visions and ideas come to light. I was there for 'Flashing Lights', when it was actually titled another title that me and Kanye went back and forth about. And when I think about Wale, I think about Kanye. And the kind of rhymes Wale has been laying down the last few months, since we been in the studio, I'm pretty sure there's gonna be a lot of similarities as far as the pictures that he paints," the Bawse continued. "Of course, Kanye is one of the greats of our time, but I see that same potential in Wale."

3. Lady Luck

Lady LuckFabolous & Jay-Z

"Man, there's so many rappers that you could call SOHH Underrated. I saw XV in SOHH Underrated naming a couple. I'm not hearing Fabolous' name enough. I don't know if it's out there enough but I feel Fab's name should be equivalent to Jay-Z and the greats."

4. Somaya Reece

Somaya Reecesomaya-reece-olivia-2011-03-27-300x300.jpg

"I talked gangsta to her face, and she ran into a security van; you can definitely post that. And that's what that came down to. You're going to see it on the episode. I wasn't lying about it, it's the truth; it's what happened. Ask ['Love & Hip-Hop' co-stars] Emily, ask Chrissy, ask anybody. They tried to get her out of the van, and she refused to come out."

5. Shyne


"Preparing for my first album that's coming out after so many years of not being able to live my dream, it's really a dream come true. I'm inspired that I'm not Jay Z right now; I'm not getting a couple million dollars to do show. I haven't sold 10's of millions of records; I'm not on the level that I need to be. And that's very important the Belizean people to understand when they measure what I want to do for them as a patriot and as a person that's fortunate, and what at this point, I can do."

***LOL. D*mn, I really f*cked up using Foxy Brown, didn't I doggies? On some real sh*t, I was going to do what I did with Rick Ross on that Lil Wayne interview he had with Paris Hilton. That sh*t was hard body. Not the "best" interview a doggy has read but that sh*t kept my attention too. Guess since he got Doggy of the Week, sh*t balanced out. Hip-Hop is far from being boring, doggies. No April Fools bullsh*t today but let me warn y'all, I know a lot of sites (including SOHH) that are gonna get y'all. Be careful doggies, at least until Saturday! LOL! -BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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