5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Bootsy Collins - Funk Capital Of The World: "I Sell Hope Like Digital Dope"

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2011 1:40PM

Written by SOHH for Bootsy Collins

[With yesterday's release of Funk Capitol of the World, music icon and funk legend Bootsy Collins breaks down the Top 5 reasons to support his comeback album.]

1. Know The Ledge

Starting off, the old funk fans are gonna immediately love this record because they've been waiting on it, you know? It's the whole funk and nothing but the funk. Also I wanted to reach out and be more of an educator. I'm trying to educate people that don't know about the funk and where this thing started so they could connect the dots to what's happening right now.

2. Say It Loud

I want people to know that I didn't just come up with the funk, you know? I had to point back to the one that introduced me to the funk - which was James Brown. I got my initiation right there in the funk capital. [James Brown] did things you just weren't supposed to do back then. He had his picture on his album. That was a big deal back in the day! People need to know that.

3. Bringin' It

Someone had to step up to the plate. I'm not a commercial kind of guy, never have been or tried to be one. I just love to do what I do - and bring it.

4. Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Hip at Funk U" would be the first song I directed the [younger generation] to on my new album. It's something they'd be familiar with. The song is really combining the elements to make a sound that came from where they came from: the streets. Funk came from the streets; a lot of them don't know that.

5. Growing Roses Out Of Concrete

My whole sermon for this statement is, "I'm out here spreadin' hope, like digital dope." That's what we need: Hope. Most of us are just going through the motions. People really give you hope: Guys like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr.... all these guys that really had voices, we don't have very many guys like that anymore. I wanted to bring that to the table on this record, because we still those mighty voices but many don't get the exposure. My hope is that the new generation picks up on what I was trying to do and they pick up on it.

You decide. Will you buy Funk Capital Of The World

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