5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Book Of David": "I Went Through All The Music Genres Before & After The Deaths Of 2Pac & Biggie"

Tuesday, Apr 19, 2011 12:55PM

Written by SOHH for DJ Quik

[With today's release of The Book of David, DJ Quik breaks down the Top 5 reasons you should let this new album spin in your playlist.]

1. Bills, Bills, Bills

The number one reason I need people to go out and buy this album is because I have to pay Bun B, Ice Cub, Bizzy Bone, Dwele, Jon B and a lot of other motherf*ckers for being on the album. Nobody works for free.

2. What Lies Beneath

Reason number two to buy my album is people should expect the unexpected on this record. I always try to do something different on every record. Different exhibits growth. So there's a lot of growth that I'm exhibiting. Not growth as in getting old but as a producer, a rapper. This is an album that's going to reinvent.

3. Legend of the Falls

The third reason why you should buy my album is because I'm a legendary rap producer. I went through all the genres of music before and after the deaths of Tupac and Biggie and still kept it together and didn't lose my mind. So it's going to be interesting to hear what I have to say on this album. Curiosity is reason number three.

4. DJ Hero

The fourth reason is because the quality of the work is the reason why I make music. It's top quality. It's like buying a diamond. You want the best diamond, right? Well then buy the best record because that's the quality of the workmanship that I put into it. The good thing about doing music is it's not as hard on the body as being a sports star or athlete. It's mental exercise. It definitely takes a whole h*ll lot of motivation to do it but you also have to be open to what your fans want and what you need. That's what deejays do. They try to accept what the fans want and play the records that'll heat it up. Deejays can always play that one record that'll clear out a party like Raid on a cabinet full of roaches. Try putting on a ballad in the middle of the club and see what happens. We're always trying to gauge what's right to play.

5. From Nothin' To Somethin'

Reason number five, why fans should go out and buy my album, is because I produced it in its entirety. It's really like raising a kid. I was hands on. You really want the best for your baby and this was my baby. There's nothing different. It's what they call a "brain child". I want the best for it. I want it to grow up, play basketball in high school, get a scholarship. It's really a great record. It's a fun record and it adds to my legacy. Looking back at [my 1991 debut] Quik Is The Name up until right now, I hate to say it but it's almost full circle. It sounds so much better than my first album. It's so clear and three dimensional.

You Decide. Will you purchase The Book of David?

To purchase the new album, just click here.

Check out DJ Quik's new album below:

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