5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Behind The Curtain": "The Game Needed A Project Like This"

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2011 1:55PM

Written by SOHH for !llmind

[With this week's release of Behind The Curtain, producer !llmind gives you his Top 5 reasons to put your money up and cop his new album.]

1. Beats By !ll

The first reason I think people out there should cop it is just because it's an album of straight, pure beats. There aren't too many instrumental albums out right now being released on an indie or a major level. I think the game kind of needed a project like this. It needed an album of spaced out beats without taking the focus off anything else but the producer. It's just a way to give an appreciation toward the production side of hip-hop. So that's the first reason.

2. Extended Play

The second reason you should pick it up is because it's something different. It's not your usual instrumental album. I've included the stems to each track on this album, which hasn't been done before. Basically, in addition to buying the album, you're getting each instrument in .wav format of each beat. So you get all the drums, the snares, the kicks, all the piano sounds and some of the breaks that I use. You get all that individually in audio format when you purchase the album.

3. Me & The Boys

The third reason to buy the album is because the one vocal track that we did throw on the album is a track by a group I'm in. It's a group that consists of me on the production and two emcees from Hawaii. They live in the Bay now and I've been down with them for the past 10 years now. They're some of the first guys to ever rhyme on my beats. The track on the album is an exclusive so that's one of my reasons for going out and getting it.

4. When Nature Calls

Reason number four is because it's released on Nature Sounds. I really have to show love and give a big shout-out to everyone at Nature Sound. I've followed these guys for a while now and they're known for putting out quality music and really keeping it true to true hip-hop. I feel great to be a part of their movement over there. And I respect them a lot. Just based on the fact that it's a Nature Sounds release is a reason to go check it out.

5. Money Well Spent

Final reason. I'm a pretty grounded person and I don't really like to toot my own horn but for all you guys out there that have been following my music, it's an !llmind release. You get 15-plus !llmind beats on there and I think that's reason enough to go out and pick it up with your $10. We're putting it out digitally and are putting it out through physical copies but I think the goal is for a collector's release. It's an !llmind instrumental album so why wouldn't you want it? Whether you're an emcee or a producer or a hip-hop listener, you should invest your money and check it out.

You Decide. Will you purchase Behind The Curtain?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out the LP below:

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