9: Spark1Duh? "I Heard Your P*ssy Raps, They [Weren't] That Ill"

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9: Spark1Duh? "I Heard Your P*ssy Raps, They [Weren't] That Ill"

SOHH teamed up with ReverbNation to select 20 unsigned rappers with "True Grit" --that rough, authentic swagger and determination to win at all costs. After weeks of deliberations and debates reviewing hundreds of worthy (and simply wack) contenders, the SOHH.com team countsdown the top 20 grittiest rappers on ReverbNation with a hustle so hard and rhymes so raw, they can't go unnoticed.


What do you think about when you think about St. Louis, Missouri? Nelly? St. Lunatics? Chingy? Don't apologize, we don't blame you. But in 2011, it's time to switch up your train of thought. Spark1Duh? aka Dusty Wallets, armed with his ever-present spectacles and booming voice to compliment his ferocious stage show, will change your perception of the Midwest entirely.

Having received accolades from Rolling Stone and Complex magazine, the boy "1Duh" is the end-product of an imaginary mash-up between hardcore rock band Fugazi and the Wu-Tang Clan. Performing around town on a monthly basis, Spark's racking up his online fans with 9,400-plus MySpace and 1,800-plus Facebook supporters geeked out over this spitter.

Witness Spark's explosion firsthand on tracks like "License To Trill" as he warns concertgoers (and possible hecklers) what to expect while checking one of his live sets ("When we done, spit and throw the microphone on your face/Then, we jump off stage, kick your friend in the face/Take a swig off your beer, take your girl to the Days Inn/So move back, gotta license to trill/Yeah, I heard your p*ssy raps, in fact, it wasn't that ill!").  He even channels 3-6 Mafia's on the heavy-based, chopped-n-screwed homage his performance sanctuary, "Church" ("I'm offering my word..this is my church, you don't like it? Get the f*ck out!"). However, if amplified-to-the-max rhymes aren't your thing, check out tracks like "So Serious" where Spark more calmly (but  just as earnestly) boasts, "I'm Spark1, I brought the power before the power was raw/Make these f*ckers coward and awe/Until the show is over....the balance is lost." Spark's in-your-face flow and fierce persona strikes your ear buds, bringing out the urge to snap a pencil or knock someone over in a mosh pit.

Reckless and witty, his ability to effortlessly create a ying and yang between the rap and rock arenas gives his grit a higher grade than the previous contenders.

This straight shooter straight out of the "Show Me" state is set to prove that he's ready to win.

Check out Spark1Duh's "True Grit" on his Reverb Nation page.

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