5: SoSoon "Test My Pee, Full Of Fresh Weed & Electricity"

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5: SoSoon "Test My Pee, Full Of Fresh Weed & Electricity"

SOHH teamed up with ReverbNation to select 20 unsigned rappers with "True Grit" --that rough, authentic swagger and determination to win at all costs. After weeks of deliberations and debates reviewing hundreds of worthy (and simply wack) contenders, the SOHH.com team countsdown the top 20 grittiest rappers on ReverbNation with a hustle so hard and rhymes so raw, they can't go unnoticed.

The SOHH True Grit Artist #5, "SOSOON", JAMAICA, NEW YORK

We have finally reached the Top 5 of SOHH's "True Grit" contest and we had to rattle things up with a rapper that defines what being a real emcee is all about, SoSoon.  There's a lot more than what meets the eyes to this young buck, as SoSoon = Sound Of Something Out Of Nothing. The acronym holds weight, as this Jamaica, New York rap newcomer is probably one of the hottest things coming out of Queens since the 2006 New York Mets.

Though his fan base is primarily centered in his hometown region, SoSoon's hustle isn't to be reckoned with. His viral game is gaining strong wind, as he boasts over 1,200 Facebook fans, multiple YouTube videos showcasing his lyrical skills, as well as a slew of weekly shows booked throughout the New York and Philadelphia area. Already two steps ahead of these other rookies, SoSoon dropped his first solo album The Bandwagon...Director's Cut last fall and has yet to look back. While he may have awhile to go before receiving 5 Mics, Soon has already been featured in hip-hop scribe The Source, as they urge music heads to "Learn the name, study the music..SoSoon is that guy!"

SoSoon's struttin' with a full-package: Content versatility, a flow that moves quicker than melting butter in a sizzling skillet. Snapping and "trapping"? One-two-step dance moves? SoSoon ain't none of that. Priding himself amongst the likes of rap greats including Slick Rick, the first thing that strikes you about SoSoon is his style. He does it all. If you like more of a N.E.R.D.-esque sound, listen to "Creator", as Soon testifies to his ingenuity via rhyme ("You play the streets, I play for keeps/You play with your meat/You playing with beef/I play for peace, I came to eat/Don't bite the hand/That made the feast/Here's the recipe, for the best cuisine..."). His punchy, alternative flavor gives you the impression that rhyming comes as easy to him as a late afternoon game of horseshoes.

While we love tracks like "The Underclass", an ode to New York City's hardest workers, it's tracks like "Blowing Money" where So morphs into to a rapper all about the C.R.E.A.M. Peep him wax poetic about the Benjamins: "Check it, I treat green like it grows on trees/Full time money bags of raked up leaves/They said, 'The best things in life are free'/But apparently somebody lied to me/To me, every penny earned is two pennies spent/A one hour shopping spree is like too many spent/Then again, too many ain't in my vocabulary/Like a thumbs up, I need a one up on my adversaries/My real confession is bill collecting!"

With his kaleidoscopic lyrics and clear vision to succeed, SoSoon is sure to keep fans saddled up and locked in for more. All hail the next King of Queens!

Check out SoSoon's "True Grit" on his Reverb Nation page.

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