2: KU$H, "You Dudes Blind If You Can't See I'm Gettin' Mine"

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2: KU$H, "You Dudes Blind If You Can't See I'm Gettin' Mine"

SOHH teamed up with ReverbNation to select 20 unsigned rappers with "True Grit" --that rough, authentic swagger and determination to win at all costs. After weeks of deliberations and debates reviewing hundreds of worthy (and simply wack) contenders, the SOHH.com team countsdown the top 20 grittiest rappers on ReverbNation with a hustle so hard and rhymes so raw, they can't go unnoticed.

The SOHH True Grit Artist #2: "KU$H", LINCOLN, NEBRASKA

Don't let the dollar sign in his name catch y'all giddy kids off-guard. This ain't no Ma$e knock-off. Fast forward to 2011, and SOHH is proud to bring you Ku$h, a homemade product courtesy of the mean streets of Lincoln, Nebraska. No foolin' around or weed raps here, y'all, this kid is serious on the microphone. Ku$h's truth, clarity and vivid imagery of real life is what breathes air into his lyrics. There's no flashy chains being thrown around or ice grills with candy drippin' off his Honda Accord. Instead, he's proud to be the rhyme slicker with a peculiar knack for spitting over instrumentals.

With the indie support of Clockwork Records/Deka Records, Ku$h takes his inspiration from hip-hop greats like Tupac Shakur and Biggie and uses music as a platform to get his message out to any and all eager ears. He's already graced stages with 2 Live Crew and Toki Wright, as well received airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio's Shade 45. Around his town, you may have caught him performing at downtown's Knickerbockers or at spots like Sokol Auditorium. If there's an open spot, Ku$h is the type that won't wait for a chance to let his message be heard. Building a viral community, his MySpace fans gross over 2,300 but stats alone can't dish out what his music has to offer.

Take a listen to his recently released Blackout EP and you'll hear Ku$h demand for you to respect his hustle on tracks like "Another Day, Another Dolla" ("Another day, another dollar/In my pocket, think about it/Before you try and come stop it/There's no way you can stop it/I chop it, I flip it, flop it, then drop it, my sh*t is hot 'cause I got it/Your sh*t is not 'cause you're not it.") He's all about the money, and if you try to jack his C.R.E.A.M., a lyrical whipping awaits you. Skip to the next track and you'll also catch a glimpse of Ku$h's reflective side ("I'm old enough to sign with the big red arrow/But you think it's too narrow to notice that I'm your hero/I'm looking for a heroine, but not the drug/I'm really looking for another reason I should care again/To busy carrying the world on my shoulders/Grab the moon and I'm reaching for the stars.").

A visionary that has caught our attention, Ku$h is the perfect choice to roll up into your play decks.

Check out Ku$h's "True Grit" on his Reverb Nation page.

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