14: Poetix "Like Photographers, I've Got A License To Shoot"

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14: Poetix "Like Photographers, I've Got A License To Shoot"

SOHH teamed up with ReverbNation to select 20 unsigned rappers with "True Grit" --that rough, authentic swagger and determination to win at all costs. After weeks of deliberations and debates reviewing hundreds of worthy (and simply wack) contenders, the SOHH.com team countsdown the top 20 grittiest rappers on ReverbNation with a hustle so hard and rhymes so raw, they can't go unnoticed.

The SOHH True Grit Artist #14: "POETIX",  PATERSON, NEW JERSEY"

We're saddling up our bags for a ride out to Paterson, New Jersey to give props to the next SOHH True Grit artist, Poetix.  At first glance, you might see your average rebel without a cause when you give Poe a quick glare at his press, but rest assured - this tattoo-adorned wild stallion that looks like he belongs at an Insane Clown Posse album release concert spits some grisly bars.

Even though he's scooped up just over 1,000 MySpace fans and a handful of Facebook supporters, don't count him out. Just like Eminem's B. Rabbit was fueled with talent but didn't get a chance to unleash it until two minutes before the 8 Mile movie credits began to roll, we gave Poetix a shot to impress us. And he did.

Poetix also impresses crowds at various venues, averaging about three shows a month. But we're not here to talk numbers, we're here to talk rap, and Poe delivers. You can witness Poetix's effortless flow over dark tracks like "Four Four" ("I'm gonna give 'em what they want/'Til they down on the floor/With the four-four, n*gga throat goes sore -- N*ggas hooked on dope, Poetix right to the vein..."), but proves he's ready to blow up the mainstream on cuts like "Kush" ("My flow is like an atom bomb, so I just got to drop it/Hiroshima, Nagasaki kush, got to cop it/I keep my glock on lock, and I don't keep it in my pocket/'Cause n*ggas get to running when you see Poetix stock it...").

Gals and boys might want to use caution while blasting his music because his explicit references are enough to make the D.E.A. knock down your door simply for listening. With his gothic lyrics and bizarre persona, Poe is a rapper that we see winning whether on the underground or mainstream level.

Check out Poetix's "True Grit" on his Reverb Nation page.

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