5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "W.A.R.": "People Are Thirsting For Me"

Tuesday, Mar 22, 2011 1:25PM

Written by SOHH for Pharoahe Monch

[With today's release of W.A.R. (We Are Renegades), Pharoahe Monch provides his Top 5 reasons why you need this album in your playlist.]

1. Honor Roll

I think number one, this is my most honest record to date. I tried to implement putting into it every word, every vibe, and the energy of it is something truthful. Whether it's dealing with my asthma, police brutality or dealing with government issues and issues that I see are plaguing society, I tried to make it honest. Even the fun stuff and silly stuff is honest humor.

2. No Generic Prescriptions Found

There's some information on here. There's some medicine on here. I just feel like the record is not really about me prospering but sharing as well. That's why there's the "We" in We Are Renegades. It's for the people and it's really about the idea and the thought process of people evolving and wanting to be greater and attain greater knowledge. I use myself as an example of that as well. For example, with the asthma, that's something that's been plaguing me for a minute and you want to get past that. You don't want to deal with it, you want to defeat it. I just think people are at a point where they're thirsting for me. Not just my album or dope hip-hop and old school hip-hop, but more artists who want to try to give them more.

3. Eye Candy

The [album] artwork is incredible. Front to back. My art designer has been different each time but my thought process comes from me. You've seen me wanting to be submersed in water, me wanting to be a mummy and now I have a gas mask on.

4. We Got Stacks

The album is very layered. You could listen to a whole bunch of joints and a whole bunch of nice verses and then hear it again and hear something different. The whole concept is layered, from the records, to the videos, to the artwork. The gas mask [represents], "Why can't he breathe? What just happened? Why is he looking at the city? Why does he need a gas mask on?" All of those things kind of layer the texture of the artwork.

5. Great Scott!

The fifth reason why people should go out and cop the album is because Jill Scott murders the song, "Still Standing" on the album. To be honest, we got the music, I wrote the chorus and sitting back, I was like, "Who could sing this? What about Jill Scott?" Then we reached out to her. She was on tour, but eventually heard the song and flipped out.

You Decide. Will you purchase W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out W.A.R. below:

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