Guest Star: "There Will Be Some 'Friendly Fire' Between The Bands"

Friday, Mar 11, 2011 5:50PM

Written by Oren Avineri

[With rapper/singer Cee-Lo Green facing off against rock band Ting Tings tomorrow as part of the Red Bull Soundclash at MGM Resorts Las Vegas, producer Oren Avineri gives the inside scoop on what to expect.]

Red Bull Soundclash has a legacy of presenting surprising musical pairings. It's part of the goal of the event. Putting two acts with divergent styles of music together on stage to collaborate and give the audience a show like no other. Cee Lo Green and The Ting Tings both bring a lot of energy into their performances, but their approaches are completely different.

Not just any band can play a Red Bull Soundclash. The fact that the bands will be playing so many different styles of music, outside of what fans normally know them for is quite a challenge and really only the best bands can pull it off. I'm really looking forward to the show they put on together.

The atmosphere at Red Bull Soundclash will be fun. The venue is outdoors with a great view of the Vegas skyline. The show itself is really a collaborative performance. Yes, there will be some "friendly fire" between the bands but its more like a conversation between the two of them and the best part is the audience gets to be in the center of that conversation.

The bands are positioned on stages opposite of each other and the audience stands in the middle. There's not a bad seat in the house because it's a 360 degree experience. In the beginning, the bands will warm up playing their own songs but from there, they go on this journey of five rounds of challenges.

In the first round, both bands will warm up each playing three songs. Then, they will each play a cover of the same song, but in their own style (The Cover). In the third round (The Takeover), Cee Lo's band will start one of their songs and when they get to the middle of it, The Ting Tings will take over and play it their way. Cee Lo's band will get a chance to take over The Ting Tings next song. In the fourth round (The Clash), you get to hear the unexpected, as the bands have to play their songs but it a different style. Imagine The Ting Tings going reggae and Cee Lo Green going Heavy Metal! Lastly is the fifth round where each band brings out a special guest to perform along side of them. I can't say who's bringing whom, but it will add another fun element to the show. The finale performance with the two bands is really going to be a banger!

We really just hope people come out and have fun at Red Bull Soundclash. They'll be treated to a unique live music experience by two amazing bands. Tickets are $10 presale and can be purchased at participating MGM Resorts International box offices including MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, The Mirage, Monte Carlo, New York-New York, Luxor and Excalibur. Otherwise it's, $15 at the door.

The Red Bull Soundclash format takes each band through a series of collaborative challenges that makes it less of a battle and more of a musical conversation. In round one (the warm up) the bands each play three songs. In round two (the cover), both bands play their own version of the same cover song. Round three (the takeover), begins with the first band playing one of its original songs and mid-way through the other band takes over, seamlessly finishing the song in their own style. The forth round (the clash), highlights each band's musical versatility by having them perform songs in three different styles - for example: country, reggae and techno/dance. The fifth round is full of surprises, as each act is allowed to bring on a special guest to join their performance. The night end with a finale performance Is a collaborative highlight.

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