5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Re-Edutainment": KRS-One, U-N-I & Joell Ortiz Are On The Record"

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for Kyle Rapps

[With this week's release of The Re-Edutainment, rap newcomer Kyle Rapps offers his Top 5 reasons why you should give his new album a shot.]

1. Connect For

First of all, I think Re-Edutainment will connect people who want to be connected to classic hip-hop and bridge the gap between classic and contemporary stuff you may be hearing on the radio as well. I feel this album fills in that gap. For someone who just goes to clubs, they're gonna love some of this boom bap sh*t and also might feel some more commercialized tunes. So I think my first reason is that this album bridges the generation gaps.

2. Addiction

The next reason is because the production on the album is absolutely addictive. Kev Brown is an amazing producer and he made those tracks fun, and at the same time hard and absolutely artistic. The production is relevant to today's hip-hop but it is also relevant to the classic hip-hop.

3. T.R.O.Y.

I believe Re-Edutainment is going to take you back to your youth and your old school days. For those SOHH old school readers, it's going to allow you to reach back in the day and relate to the tales that we all can relate to. But it's also going to help you understand and respect the changes that you have made in your life. I think you'll be able to reminisce and also grow up with me on this album.

4. Big Things Poppin'

I would say I've been able to really connect to the team on the feature side of things. KRS-One is on the record, U-N-I is on the record and Joell Ortiz is on the record. Those are a really significant set of features. You're going to be able to see that not only am I able to hold my own as a rapper with these great artists but that each one brings a different style to the record. Joell Ortiz brings a contemporary street style, U-N-I brings a fun, sort of hipster West Coast style and KRS brings that classic, legendary social energy to it.

5. I Do It For You

The last reason is because there aren't five minutes that go by where I don't think about what I can do to contribute to the hip-hop community and to bring quality music that will connect with people from all generations.

You Decide. Will you purchase The Re-Edutainment

To buy the new album, just click here.

Listen to the album below:

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