5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "The Graveyard Shift": "We All Make Mistakes In Life & You Get To Watch It"

Tuesday, Mar 29, 2011 11:15AM

Written by SOHH for 40 Glocc

[With The Graveyard Shift officially landing in stores today, G-Unit Records' 40 Glocc offers his Top 5 Reasons to put some paper down for his latest album.]

1. Coast To Coast

The first reason you should get the album is because it's a really good dosage of substance and reality music. That's for one. It's basically West Coast meets different areas. On here you're going to here the West in me and Spider Loc, but then you got Obie Trice and others not from the area. It's primarily a West Coast album though when you hear our experiences.

2. The Growth

The second reason is because you're getting a chance to grow with me. It's a process...it's about growth. This is a chance for the fans and everybody to get to live my life with me. We're bonded together through the music. My growth includes the content, the music, my life, me. It's everything. You can listen and tell what I'm talking about on here. When you hear the album, you'll hear different situations that you can relate to. That's what you get out of me. You get me as a person growing, you get me as everything. We all make mistakes in life and you get to watch it. My life is open to the public.

3. Rolling With The Homies 

The third reason is because it's me and Spider Loc. We worked with a lot of people on this album and even got to get with DJ Drama with this too. So get the album and find out for yourself. The whole album came about naturally. When I was working on this, I kept thinking [about] who could I see and hear on here.

4. Wheels Churning

The fourth reason is because it's that raw. When we created it, it was important to get creative and you can hear it in the collaborations and the sound on here. We decided to work with some different artists that you might not even expect us to work with.

5. Bottom Line

The fifth reason is because it's me and I said so. What more reasons do you need?

You Decide. Will you purchase The Graveyard Shift?

To buy the new album, just click here.

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