Guest Star: "The Days Of Getting Your 3-Song Demo To Some A&R Guy Are Over"

Tuesday, Mar 15, 2011 5:40PM

Written by SOHH for Wax

[With today's release of his Scrublife EP, Def Jam Records' latest signee Wax speaks on why his project goes beyond mixtape boundaries, and explains why rap hopefuls have to create their own opportunities.]

I've talked about this with people: You cant throw a brick without hittin a rapper holding up a mixtape. I actually felt skeptical about calling this project a mixtape because the way to stick out from the crowd is not to join a big *ss crowd, you know? But for lack of a better word, it is one. Scrublife, I definitely think its different. Alotta range, alotta versatility. There's some long *ss freestyle mixtape driven songs, then there are more subject matter, melodic hook type songs. It ranges from hardcore hip-hop to lighter, California sunshine-type music. If you're a fan of lyricism, I dont think you'll be disappointed because [the project] is full of quotables.

So Scrublife is my mixtape that drops March 15th, but I guess you can say its also a lifestyle modeled around the way I live. Call it the opposite of excess -- which basically means being satisfied with what you have. Living for the moment, regular people sh*t.

My strong suit is straight up rapping but I play guitar, I play drums I even make and edit music videos. Everything I've done so far has been by me and my independent team. I've got hundreds of videos on YouTube; we do something like a weekly reality series. The days of getting your three-song demo to some A&R guy and then becoming his science project are over: look at a guy like Wiz Khalifa, he did everything the right way.

Maybe thats why there are so many mixtapes. You gotta use the Internet the way rockbands use touring, you know what I mean? I've never bought an album off iTunes before. If I wanna hear a song I go to YouTube and listen to it.

After several years of building up a viral buzz via YouTube videos of rhymes, skits and everything in between, Wax grabbed the attention of major label executives and recently signed a joint venture deal via his Scrublife label imprint with Def Jam Recordings. Readying for his forthcoming debut album release, Maryland Wax will continue to satisfy thirsty fans through his ongoing tradition of releasing viral content on a frequent basis, which will include his popular video series, 'Wax Weekly' in addition to performing at venues & major festivals throughout the country,You can download his mixtape at

Check out a video of Wax below:

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