Guest Star: "Some Of The Motherf*ckers Who Were Really Down Turned On Us"

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011 4:00PM

Written by SOHH for Crooked I

[With Slaughterhouse officially signed to Shady Records, Crooked I reflects on their career post-announcement, along with the reactions received from fans.]

There's a lot of people who are starting to question us. Some of the motherf*ckers who were really down with us, even in the blogosphere, they've turned on us. Now they're saying, "These cats can't make it in the mainstream." And these are the same cats that were saying, "Slaughterhouse is keeping hip-hop pure, raw and uncut." That's one side of the deal being done. I don't really focus on that but it does exist.

The upside is a lot of people are [congratulating us]. We're shaking hands with people like DJ Premier and he's like, "Man, I'm just glad y'all did that." Then you got people like Busta Rhymes and EPMD [sending congratulations as well]. Being around our peers and legends, to have them salute us is major. Them realizing a raw and uncut hip-hop group got a deal like that is just dope.

But since the announcement, we're getting even more questions. And that's a good thing. People are talking, people want to know what's up and how the music is going to sound now. They want to know if it's gonna be a watered down version of how our debut was or is it still going to have that edge. It is a relief for us that the public already knows that the deal is done. We pretty much knew it was going to be a done deal at the beginning of the workings but it is a relief that the public finally gets to say, "Yeah, all right, these dudes are over there. Let's look forward to some good sh*t."

Crooked I is a Long Beach, California rapper most known for his run at Death Row Records and then venturing out to start up his own record labels Dynasty Entertainment and C.O.B. Digital around the mid-2000's. In addition to his own music ventures, Crooked I is also an active member of lyrical rap quartet Slaughterhouse, who signed a record deal with Eminem's Shady Records in early 2011.

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