5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Revenue Retrievin' Overtime/Graveyard Shift": "Ain't Nobody Got More Game In Their Songs Than Me"

Monday, Mar 28, 2011 11:20AM

Written by SOHH for E-40

[With tomorrow's release of Revenue Retrievin' Overtime/Graveyard Shift, West Coast rap veteran E-40 breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need to cop his new double disc LP.]

1. Streets Is Watching

The number one reason is because the album is creative. I don't do what everybody else does. When everybody goes right, I go left. It's nothing new to me with doing two albums. These two albums started with Revenue Retrievin', Day Shift and Night Shift came out a little under 12 months ago. So what I did was create this series. Nowadays when you're independent, these labels try to get a big single out of you, but if you came into the game selling music out the trunk of your car like me, then game recognize game. The streets know about me. Now with this series, I'm just being me. I'm not on a major. I don't have to make a single. I let the streets pick the single and let the radio pick it up.

2. Take A Seat

Number two. You can learn something from my lyrics, my subject matter, my stories. Everybody is going to be learning from this. You can learn from a baby. I got songs with hella stories and what I'm doing is painting pictures with my lyrics. People be saying, "What the f*ck are you talking about?" Well, go get my music and then you'll know. My true fans out there are gonna vouch for me. Squares don't speak my language. They can't comprehend my language so it ain't just lingo. It's game that's involved. Pick up the album and get a dose of it.

3. Beat It Up

Number three. I got banging beats. The beats are in a class by themselves. My lyrics compliment my beats and my beats compliment my lyrics. Uptempo beats have been around since the beginning of hip-hop. So every time you hear an uptempo beat, don't think hyphy. What you're hearing is some real street sh*t. What I do is take an uptempo track and spit some real game on it. T-Pain produced a track for me called "Serious"... it's a raw track. You would think it's some typical Pain record but it's raw. He produced it and did the hook.

4. Bang Bang

Number four. It's definitely trunk rattling, club bangers on this thang. Period.

5. The Fix

Number five. There's so much game involved on this. I'm gonna keep it 1,000, ain't nobody got more game in their songs than me. Punchlines, metaphors. A lot of people do punchlines and ain't rapping, my sh*t makes sense. And those who don't really know 40 need to take time out and listen. Everybody wanna know, "What's up with this 40 guy?" Some people still think I'm new. There's some youngsters who think I'm new. I'm not new, I've been in this for a long time. I'm just asking fans to go out there and check out E-40. I know you got a question mark on your head saying, "What is it about this guy?" Go listen to the music and find out.

You Decide. Will you buy Revenue Retrievin': Overnight/Graveyard Shift?

To purchase the new album, just click here.

Listen to the new LP below:

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