5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Revenge of the Barracuda": "I'm Not Rhyming Like Other N*ggas Out Here"

Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 12:10PM

Written by SOHH for WC

[With today's release of Revenge of the Barracuda, West Coast rap veteran WC gives the homies his Top 5 reasons to cop his new LP.]

1. Hazardous Material

The number one reason why you need to buy this album is because it's that fire. It's that fire on the real. It ain't cold, it's a fire. The whole album is hot. I got a song that's called "100 Percent Legit" and it's from a whole 'nother walk. It's something that you would never expect from me. It's coming from my another side of me but at the same time, it's still representing what we're about out here. the beats on here are banging too. And be sure to listen to the lyrical content on here. It's not just about bragging about what we got, we're talking about real sh*t on here. The album is called Revenge of the Barracuda, which is another term for back to the hardcore.

2. Real Deal

Number two, WC ain't never gave you nothing but the real. I've never gave you nothing but the real with my music. And it ain't real just because of my image and my background. If you have ever followed WC, then you know I keep it real in my music. When you're out here, you're dealing with a lot of f*cking haters. The people I've stood up for have always been those from the gutter. They were products of their environment. Products of poverty. I don't know nothing else but those experiences, so I gotta be real with it. It's not about dancing, it's real sh*t out here.

3. I Ain't Never Scared

The third reason you need this is because it's about time somebody stood up on the West Coast who wasn't scared to speak their mind. I'm not out here doing what everybody else is doing. There's cats from the East Coast, down South and everywhere that's got people trying to do what they do. But I'm showing them what we do.

4. I'm Doing Me

Number four, y'all need to cop this because it's Dub-Dizzle. It's WC. I've been in the game for the longest. Y'all need to f*ck with it. Y'all need to f*ck with this because it's me. I should hope people can notice my longevity on the album. I'm not rapping like a lot of cats that's out rapping right now. I'm happy with rap and how far it's come thus far. I was blessed to be a part of that right there. Coming out from back in the days and being a part of the Westside Connection, going out and being on the Up In Smoke Tour. What I'm trying to say is I'm not rhyming like other n*ggas out here. I'm not trying to be the hottest n*gga out here. I'm not trying to rhyme like the hottest n*gga out here. I'm trying to be me. If you listen to WC, you're gonna hear WC being WC.

5.Walked In This Muthaf*cka Just A'Swangin'

Number five, I think y'all need to go grab it because I just launched my label Big Swang. I got a lot more talent coming from behind this project right here. This is the first project that's coming through my label and distributed through E1. So it's a collector's album as well.

You Decide. Will you purchase Revenge of the Barracuda?

To purchase the new LP, just click here.

Check out WC's new album below:

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