5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "R.E.K.S.": "We're Focused On Making Music You Can Bang 10 Years From Now"

Monday, Mar 7, 2011 3:50PM

Written by SOHH for Reks

[With today's release of R.E.K.S. [Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme], Reks breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need to "Showoff" this new LP.]

1. Follow Me Now

First and foremost, I feel this is a great follow-up to [2008's] Grey Hairs, which was well-received by the people. I think it's a great follow-up in terms of a studio album. The main thing I wanted to do was kind of go in the opposite direction from where I was with Grey Hairs. Grey Hairs was more about my connection as an artist growing with the hip-hop thing. I really wanted to focus on that and really connect with my fans as well as with myself. I was looking at it from that perspective, looking at the industry as a whole, giving my take on the industry on where it is now and where it is heading. For this album, my main objective was to give the fans real pieces of me as a man, as an artist, as a father, as a husband. I just wanted to break down Reks himself.

2. Moment Of Clarity

Secondly, if you look at the producer tracklisting, even being the artist working with these producers, I have to sit back and be gasp. I'm like, "Wow." To have such a line-up of great producers, that's my second biggest reason. I'm proud of the production across the board but as far as my two favorite records, I definitely would have to say "The 25th Hour" is one of them. For me, DJ Premier is the greatest of all time. You can dispute it but it's undisputed in my book. With "Say Goodnight", that was our beginning track, that was the baby and it did its justice. I think my second favorite record is "Mr. Nobody".That song kind of speaks on my past and the issues I've dealt with and my family has dealt with from me growing up as a child to me becoming a man. Everybody at some point in their life seems like they're down in the pit, and that was me writing in that moment, in that space.

3. Show 'Em What Ya Got

Third, you can't go wrong with what Showoff is doing across the board. When you look at all the music that's come out over the past few years from Statik Selektah's discs to what I've dropped to what Termanology has dropped and what else we have in store, I feel like you can't go wrong. I really think that's an incentive to go out. I feel this album solidifies us in this industry. Although we're small scale compared to these majors, but look at some of these moves going on. You got Jay-Z signing Jay Electronica, then look at the cover of XXL with Eminem and Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse. All these people are coming together and forming cliques. It feels good to be a part of a team. Especially with myself, Statik and Term all being from Massachusetts. We're just expanding this family. We're focused on music you can bang 10 years from now.

4. Team Work

Another reason is because we also have a very strong push behind this one. We got a publicist on board named Matthew Conway who is really pushing forward with the work that we're doing and pursuing new targets to tap into what we got in store for the people. And we also have Clockwork Music working with us with their marketing campaign. Showoff marketing, Showoff just being the team itself, all of us together as a machine, smaller than most but at the same time, we're working to get this music to the masses. I feel that's a reason to get out there and go ahead and cop it.

5. The Bottom Line

The last reason I think you should go and buy this is because I f*cking said so.

You Decide. Will you purchase R.E.K.S.?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out a preview of the LP below:

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