Guest Star: "People Don't Know I've Been Through Trials & Tribulations"

Friday, Mar 11, 2011 5:25PM

Written by SOHH for Yung Berg

[With Yung Berg's reemergence into the hip-hop spotlight in full effect courtesy of his new "Road To Humble Greatness" Internet reality series, the Chi-town rapper explains the viral collection.]

My road to greatness with the records and everything I was doing was kind of easy and seemed a bit unreal to people because I just came out of nowhere with "Sexy Lady" and spawned a few hit records. But people don't know I've been through trials and tribulations. My whole message and my whole journey is to show people no matter what you go through and what goes on in your situation, you can still overcome adversity.

"The Road To Humble Greatness" is letting people see what I do, which is my life in general and what I do with the production. In the first one, we went to the jails and visited kids around the Christmas holiday and then in the next one I went out with Yung Joc and made records with him. In part four I was at the Grammys and part five people will see me with Ray J in the studio. It's just giving people a glimpse of what I do behind the scenes because a lot of people weren't aware that I was producing and I wrote records initially.

We're not stopping with this. We're actually on part six right now. With me and Ray J, we actually got a record that's on my new mixtape Mr. Ward [dropping March 17th] called "After The Club" and we recorded that plus I did three other records for his project along with his sister Brandy. I'm just excited about being able to work together and we're also talking about a possible TV deal, a little TV situation that me and him might possibly be doing.

As people will see in the video, Ray J is a real person in the industry that I really rock with and he gave me a big look with "Sexy, Can I" and not only that, we have a new record that's going to be on my next album coming out in the fall called, "Sexy, Can I Part II," and it's going to do the same thing that part one did. I'm very excited about that as well.

Yung Berg is a producer/rapper/songwriter from the Chicago area who is widely known for his hit single "Sexy Lady." His run in hip-hop dates back to early days with DMX's Bloodline Records when he was known as "Ice Berg." He dropped his debut album, Look What You Made Me, in 2008 and is currently staying in the studio working on multiple projects. His next album is slated to drop later this year. For now, Yung Berg is keeping fans in-tune with his "Road To Humble Greatness" viral video series giving behind-the-scenes looks at his personal and public life.

Check out some Yung Berg videos below:

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