Olivia Vs. 40 Glocc

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Top 5 Dead Or Alive: Olivia Vs. 40 Glocc

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011 12:00AM

Written by Olivia & 40 Glocc

Congratulations goes out to Bubba Sparxxx for whopping Paul Wall in ROUND 1 with a 71%. In ROUND 2, it's former 1st Lady of G-Unit Olivia (Bio) facing-off with current G-Unit Records artist 40 Glocc (Bio/Twitter). Who will get "Ugly" against Bubba in the Final Round? You decide!


Poll Results

This is so hard. This game is not fair! Hhmm. I would have to name Lil Wayne in my list. I have loved Wayne since his Hot Boys days. I've always been a huge fan of his and loved what he's done in rap.

I want to name Snoop Dogg to start off with. Snoop's in there because he put stamps out there for the West. He brought that substance to the game. He showed me that you don't have to be this big metaphoric rapper and all that. He had a huge impact with his own style. He represented the streets and that gangster music and that's what the West Coast is about. That's what we know out here.

Kanye West is in my list of course. I love him just because he's a cocky a**hole. I love it. Even when people started hating on him, I loved it. I will always rock with Kanye West no matter what's going on with him.

I gotta include Ice Cube next. I'm talking about Ice Cube's whole entire career. Just look at everything that he's brought to the game. He brought the movies, the hits and all that. He was like an original gangster that really held it down.

I definitely have to put Andre 3000 in there. He was always different with his music. He was never afraid to try anything and it didn't matter what it was. Andre's originality was always something I really admired.

Definitely have to put Eazy E in there. Eazy is an originator. He's a founder. He helped to open and crack those doors. Look at what he did for Dr. Dre, with them together. And when I say Eazy E, look at N.W.A. and what he helped do with Dre, Ice Cube and everybody else.

I didn't really want to [say] the kid from Canada's name, Drake, because he was a little bit of a hater. But he definitely is dope. So I'll give him his props still. I'm the most impressed with his rapping skills. I listened to his mixtape stuff as well. I'm a fan of real rap and that's why I love artists like Mos Def. If you're dope, I'll listen to you. I don't just jump on the bandwagon because everybody else does.

Kurupt's in my Top 5 list. Kurupt brought that gangster and lyricism. He had everything. He was a real emcee and just a killer on the mic. He's an originator of that.

My last pick would be for Busta Rhymes. Busta is just amazing. Even [as a member of] Leaders of the New School, you always knew he was the star of the group. He's just a great guy and keeps on getting better as he progresses. Even the stuff he puts out now is killing the young kids. Busta is always going to be one of the best in my eyes.

And I'm gonna end this with E-40 in there. He's known for mixing it all up. He became independent, sold his music out the truck and laid out the game for us. That's what we do here in the West, do it on our own. We push our product. That's where we got it from. He stays coming with it, creating his own words and vocabulary and all that.

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