News: Lil Wayne Tunes Out Drake & Nicki Minaj, "I Never Heard [Their] Album"

Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011 5:25PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Young Money leader Lil Wayne turned heads during an interview this week after revealing he has yet to hear Nicki Minaj or Drake's platinum-selling albums.

Despite both artists looking to Wayne for guidance, Weezy said he has yet to find the time to sit down and give their records a thorough listen.

Lil Wayne delivered a shocker to Angie Martinez when he revealed that he hasn't heard Drake or Nicki Minaj's platinum-selling albums in full. "I never heard Drake's album. I never heard Nicki's album," he told the Hot 97 personality. "I swear to God. I work too hard." The news may not come as such a surprise to his Young Money protégés. "They would probably guess it. I'm always focused on something and it captures my whole attention, I can't do nothing else," he added, making sure not to offend them. "Drake and Nick, don't take that no kinda way." (Rap-Up)

Last September, Minaj revealed that she did not get a chance to inform Wayne of her album title before the fans.

"He said that people were writing him in jail saying, 'Oh, we loved [Drake's] Thank Me Later and we can't wait for Pink Friday.' So he said he was looking at the letters like, 'What the h*ll is Pink Friday? Because I didn't even tell him my album name and stuff and he found out in jail because of like, the fans writing him letters. He was like, 'OK Nick, that's the name of your album?' And we were just having a great conversation and I stayed there for like, two hours and then broke out. But thank God he'll be back November 4th." (Hot 97)

Minaj previously said Wayne would not have a huge influence on the LP.

"He really hasn't had any involvement on it. But to be honest, the album doesn't sound like Wayne. I mean, he's my biggest influence, but it doesn't sound like Wayne's stuff. It sounds like Nicki." (Complex)

Prior to Drake's debut selling 447,000 copies in its first-week, Wayne said he hoped the LP could push out two million units in seven days.

"A million in a week? I need him to do more than Tha Carter III," Weezy adds of his breakthrough album, which sold more than 1 million copies in its debut week. "Like 2 million in the first week. I need him to do 2 million the first week, straight up." (MTV)

Check out some footage of Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne down below:

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