News: Lil Wayne Took Nas' Spot, Says J.Lo [Video]

Monday, Mar 14, 2011 11:05AM

Written by Rosario Harper

While already having revealed Lil Wayne is her current favorite rapper, actress/singer Jennifer "J. Lo" Lopez has disclosed that the Young Money leader took Nas' spot on her No. 1 list.

Speaking via online chat over the weekend, Lopez said her 2002 "I'm Gonna Be Alright" guest feature previously ranked at the top of her favorite list.

"God, you know, years ago, it used to be Nas," Jennifer Lopez revealed in the chat on Saturday (March 12). "I used to love Nas, he was my favorite of all time. And I think now, if I had to pick somebody current, it would probably be Lil Wayne. To me, he's the, [it's] the things he says and the way he says it, it's very unique. I feel he has a fresh new voice and I just like him. Plus he's on my second single." (Saturday Night Online)

During the chat, Lopez announced her latest collaboration alongside Weezy.

Jennifer Lopez has tapped into the collaboration well, known as Lil Wayne. During a web-chat last nightwith fans the singer, announced she was readying the follow up to "On The Floor." J. Lo plans on releasing her second single off "Love?" feature Weezy titled "I'm Into You." The "American Idol" judge noted Wayne was her current favorite rapper. She also spoke about being a judge, possible acting opportunities, and when the upcoming album may be released. (The Source)

Last month, Lopez named Wayne as the current greatest rapper.

"I was working out yesterday and I was listening to Lil Wayne and I was just like, 'Wow. He really says some sh*t," Lopez explained. "But I was just listening to what he was saying and I really enjoyed it. He might be one of the best out there right now. He might be the best. He's really good...I love [Nicki Minaj]. I haven't heard the whole [Pink Friday] album, but I've heard her stuff that's been on the radio and stuff like that. I really enjoy it." (Hot 97)

Last summer, rap veteran Fat Joe named Lil Wayne in his Top 5 Greatest Rappers of All Time list.

"That's a hard question to answer," Joe told DJ Vlad when asked who his top five favorite artists were. "I would say Big Pun, I would say KRS-One, umm, I would say Kanye West. Yeah, I would say Kanye West, umm, it changes every day. I can't really answer that question you told me. I would go with Lil Wayne. That's four. Then I like this combination, Dr. Dre and Snoop [Dogg] combination. If I could put them as one, that would be like, my top five and half." (Vlad TV)

Check out a portion of Jennifer Lopez's chat down below:

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