5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "In Case I Don't Make It": "If You Buy My Album, H*es Will Be On Your D*ck"

Thursday, Mar 31, 2011 12:40PM

Written by SOHH for Has-Lo

[With this week's release of In Case I Don't Make It, Has-Lo provides his Top 5 reasons why this album is a best buy.]

1. Bottoms Up

The first reason you should buy the record is because I produced the whole album. From top to bottom. Every sound effect, break down, sample, everything. The quality [of the rhymes] is higher than most rappers out right now [and] out in the last ten years. So if you miss the great lyricism and wish you could have it again and at the same time, you want something that sounds fresh, then you want my album. Also, I'm not preaching and bragging. There's more to being a quality lyricist than being technical.

2. Extra, Extra

The next reason is because In Case I Don't Make It is in this month's XXL. It's in "The Chancellor's Choice" section. This year, my record is the only record that sounds like "my" record. It's completely original.

3. Free-99

Quality is a good reason. So far, I've put a project out in '07 for free. I've put out a project in '08 for free. I put a remix album out in '09 for free. And even to this day, I'm not preaching but letting people go out and download my music. The quality speaks and this album is the current pinnacle to my quality and I just want people to really listen and see for themselves.

4. For The Team

Another reason is because it's on Mello Music Group. That's big. If you think back to Diamond District, there's never been a weak album out of MMG. Nothing that's come out of here has been weak. And they don't just let anybody get down with the label. I'm the next wave of guys that's leading the charge out of MMG and we come from that era where you can buy an album without hearing anything other than the single because you can trust the brand.

5. Groupie Love

The last reason is because if you buy buy album, h*es will be on your d*ck. And [the guys will ask], "Why are you on my d*ck?" and they'll say, "Because you look like Matlock." And then all you got to say back is, "Swag." So there you go. Let me cook, let me cook."

You Decide. Will you purchase In Case I Don't Make It?

To buy the new album, just click here.

Check out In Case I Don't Make It below:

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