Guest Star: "I Know People Are Going To Look At This As A Way For Me To Promote"

Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011 4:05PM

Written by SOHH for David Rush

[With today's release of artist David Rush's reality series RUSH[ED], the musician speaks on surviving kidney disease and thriving through his craft.]

What people can expect from this series is something different than your typical reality show. I didn't want it to look like it was something scripted or unbelievable. I scheduled my kidney transplant with my brother who was my donor and I wanted to shoot as much as possible leading up to the actual transplant.

[We decided to this] probably about three and a half weeks out to the date that was set for the transplant. The producer/editor of this project basically grabbed his camera and followed me around the last couple interviews leading up to the transplant. And even before that, we did a benefit concert to raise money and awareness for the National Kidney Foundation. [The series] led up to that point on November 6th and carried over to the transplant on November 9th. We actually filmed the actual transplant. There's actual footage in the operation room with me.

This is basically the story of me doing dialysis for the past four years and [being] on the music grind. It's just the realness and a story that you can actually make two out of one. We have so much footage that was shot, I'm looking at about 10 to 15 episodes off the first season at least.

I want to keep [people's attention]. I want to keep them ready for the next episode to watch and be in suspense for the next. The way I look at it as an artist, I didn't want to just put out one straight hour-long documentary for someone that the people are really not familiar with. Once you put it on the Internet, you know it's gone. I can't re-live this transplant. I can't re-live the events.

So what we wanted to do was use this footage and cut it up into these small pieces so it keeps the viewer. That way we can go and have the viewers look three and four episodes in to really get into it. We're really trying to spread this out as strategically as possible

I want to really spread kidney disease awareness. A lot of times it's breast cancer and [illnesses] of that nature [that garner people's attention]. The only real times you hear about kidney disease is when somebody famous gets it. Alonzo Mourning got it and recently Tracy Morgan had a transplant. George Lopez is also a transplant recipient. So there's a lot of people within the entertainment industry who have had these transplant operations.

I know people are going to look at this as a way for me to promote [myself as an artist]. No. I don't have an album or nothing coming out. I don't have a movie coming out. This is just something we wanted to do to show another side of the life of someone in the music industry. I really believe in the big dreamers. I just want to show people to follow your dreams and make them a reality. It could be done. I did a 40-city tour with a dialysis machine. Daily. I want people to realize they can do so much. It can be done.

David Rush is known by thousands of fans worldwide for his crazy LMFAO-remixed single "Shooting Star" featuring Cash Money rocker Kevin Rudolf and Pitbull, which was released in 2009 via Pitbull's Mr. 305 and Universal Republic. Pitbull actually signed the young songwriter in 2007 after RUSH penned the smash hit "Go Girl," giving the respected Miami rapper one of his most downloaded singles to date.

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