Guest Star: "I Came Out With The Biggest Hook In The Diplomat History'"

Friday, Mar 11, 2011 12:55PM

Written by Freekey Zekey

[With the Dipset reunion still in full effect, Diplomat Freekey Zekey speaks on his behind-the-scenes duties alongside Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.]

I'm gonna take you all the way back. When we first started Diplomat Records and when Cam'ron first ever, ever, ever, ever, ever got signed, it was me, Jim Jones and Cam. We can even take it further. Cam's last name is Giles. My last name is Giles. I met Jim in the third grade at summer school. Us as a whole, we've been together for 20-plus years.

So when we signed, it was always that. Everybody fell into their own position. And as far as me, myself, I was the guy who was always on the street and I was the guy who always had the charismatic conversation with people to bring them in. I wasn't on the tracks as much but that's why I became the president. Everybody can't be the star everywhere. Everybody can't be the rapper. Everybody can't be the dude to push Cam'ron out the way and say, "Me too."

I was always behind the scenes. I was always running in the Sony building when we signed with Untertainment through Lance "Un" Rivera. I was the person that went to every cubicle, talked to every single intern or whoever was working at Roc-A-Fella to make sure people knew we weren't just making music. We wanted to make sure we knew what the business was about. That's why we reached the level of greatness that we're at now.

Cam used to wake me up every morning at 8 A.M. saying, "Get up, go to Roc-A-Fella. Get up, go to Sony." So now I know what it is. So now when Cam come to the office, I gotta see the paper and see what's going on and he's sitting there waiting for my opinion. That's why we popped off.

If you really remember. If you go back, when we signed to Roc-A-Fella, the Roc was already rocking but Cam's Come Home With Me had come out, a slew of mixtapes came out and then right after that, the Diplomat album came out. People thought when we got there, Dame [Dash] was showing favoritism because Dame's from Harlem and he's like our uncle/mentor. But nah, we put in that work. People at Roc-A-Fella were like, "How come the Diplomats are skipping us?" It wasn't because of Dame, it wasn't because of he was showing us nothing. It was because I was at the office at 8 o'clock learning everything. Cam, Jim and Juelz [Santana] stayed in the studio. We didn't let up on nothing.

So that's why I wasn't more verbal when it came to the tracks. I was more behind-the-scenes. But you gotta understand, I came out with the biggest hook in the Diplomat history still. "Hey Ma." So it wasn't like I wasn't lyrical or I didn't have that one, two punch that'd knock us out the record books. I guess throughout the years, people mostly heard Cam, Jim and Juelz and I was mostly on the skits and hooks here and there. They knew and heard the voice, but it wasn't that verbal on the tracks.

People say they want the Diplomats; Cam, Jim and Juelz. I guess that's what they say, but it don't bother me because my check is exactly going down how it's supposed to be. And then, my percentage in Diplomat Records is what it is. Of course a person who's ignorant will fall victim to what's going on saying, "Yo, what's up with Zekey? He's gonna get mad and edgy like a girl." But with me, I know what it is. Me, Cam, Jim and Juelz are good. There was the little break up, but now we're more verbal on the communication and it's like 110 percent tighter.

Freekey Zekey is a member of the Diplomats and owner of 730 Dips Records. He is a cousin to Cam'ron. Zekey recently opened his first restaurant, The Palmetto, an upscale establishment providing sophisticated French Southern dining; is an advocate and National Spokesperson for Preserve Our Legacy, a not for profit organization that's mission is to inform and educate individuals, especially minorities, about the benefits of stem cells and treatment options they provide via peripheral blood stem cells, bone marrow and/or umbilical cord blood donation; and still stays true to himself as a founding member of Dipset - and currently on their reunion tour.

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