Underrated: "The Cool Thing About [Him] Is That He's Doing This For The Love"

Tuesday, Mar 8, 2011 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Ninjasonik

[SOHH features a new entertainment personality each week to speak on who they feel is the most underrated artist. After Cee-Lo Green gave Janelle Monae the title last week, electro-hop duo Ninjasonik now crowns Lupe Fiasco SOHH Underrated.]

Lupe Fiasco (SOHH Underrated)

We honestly feel like we're the most underrated. We're legends of our city and where we're from, the lifestyle that we've created as well. We're all about branding oneself and representing your city. We're the underrated of the underrated.

But if we gotta [pick someone else], we would have to name Lupe Fiasco. We love him. Everything about him is amazing. There's plenty of brands of talented artists and it could go on and on. But the people that make this great music that we get inspired by are ones like Lupe Fiasco. He's really doing it for the love of the music.

The cool thing about Lupe is that he's doing this for the love and not even trying to be amazingly successful with his craft. But he's still successful with everything he does. We listen to a lot of hip-hop and punk rock music but we think Lupe is a great artist just because of the topics he talks about. He's not fabricating anything and he'll tell a story.

He's so great at telling stories and we love how he would do records like "Kick, Push".  Some people, they're like, "No, that's corny," but nah dude. He's talking about the kids in the hood that skateboard and don't get appreciated for being themselves. He's telling you a whole story that most people would overlook and it's like, "Yo man, that's your neighbor right there. He scares you because he skateboards?" Now it's cool to skateboard.

It even carries over to the whole fashion culture with brands like Supreme. We've seen generations of kids get with Supreme. Now it's cool to wear that. It's because of someone like Lupe who branched out and showed people those kids are f*cking fashionable and are individuals. He showed you those kids will f*ck you up if you f*ck with them since they skateboard.

Brooklyn-based duo Ninjasonik established themselves in fall 2007 with "Tight Pants", a song that generated an impressive amount of blogosphere buzz with its MP3 and YouTube video. Remixes of the song, along with other similarly styled songs such as "Internet Bitch", followed, as did a series of downloadable DJ mixes. In terms of style, Ninjasonik falls somewhere between indie dance and irreverent rap, comparable to other fashionable indie electronic/rap acts like Spank Rock, Uffie, and the KnuX. The twosome are also notable for their performances, hosting dance parties at The Knitting Factory, South by Southwest, and other venues.

Check out some Lupe Fiasco music videos below:

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