Guest Star: "Everybody Only Saw Me As The Pretty Girl In G-Unit"

Monday, Mar 14, 2011 11:50AM

Written by SOHH for Olivia Longott

[As the much-talked about "Love & Hip-Hop" reality show premieres tonight on VH1, featured star R&B singer Olivia Longott reveals her motivation for signing up for the eye-catching TV series.]

A good friend of mine is executive producing the show, Mona Scott. I've known Mona for around seven years now and I trust her judgement. Originally the show was supposed to be "Jim & The Family Jones" which is Jim Jones and his family, but they wanted to re-vamp the show after meeting me. So they said, you know what, why don't we just get two more girls, and then just make it about four girls and their lives and everything.

I thought to myself, "You know what, that might not be a bad idea." So I thought about it and I said I'm just going to do it. I trust Mona and we ended up doing it. That's how you got "Love & Hip-Hop" following four different women and showing us going through everything in our lives.

I'm ready for the blogs' reactions because I'm usually included in them for other shenanigans. They usually put me in the blogs to find out who I'm dating. So this show is just going to show me off in a different light and dealing with the drama that went on for the TV show. But it all comes with the territory, so I'm up for it.

I really want everybody to see my personality. I felt like everybody only saw me as the pretty girl in G-Unit and nobody really knew who I was. That's actually one of the main reasons why I decided to do the show. I wanted them to be able to get a glimpse of who I am and feel like they can understand me now. I felt like before they didn't really have a clue with who I was, even though I was on J Records, you only had a little bit because I was the experimental artist there. And then going to G-Unit, I was stuffed into a group instead of being a solo artist.

I actually have an EP that's out and it coincides with the show [entitled Love & Hip-Hop]. It's eight love songs. It's available on and you can download it on also. It's really a mixtape but we're calling it an EP album because we wanted to give a little teaser to what's to come with my upcoming album. I have a song with Ryan Leslie and did a few other new songs as well. So it's definitely a great listen.

So now you can see me by myself, fully focused on Olivia and you can figure out for yourself whether you like me or not.

"Love & Hip-Hop" is slated to premiere tonight at 10 PM EST on VH1.

Olivia is an R&B singer who started her career with J Records and later inked a deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. Since parting ways with G-Unit, Olivia has gone on to start her own solo career and is now featured on the new VH1 television series, "Love & Hip-Hop".

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