5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Clouds": "It's Not About Conforming To What's Hot"

Wednesday, Mar 2, 2011 12:50PM

Written by SOHH for Apollo Brown

[With this week's release of Clouds, beatmaker extraordinaire Apollo Brown gives you his Top 5 reasons to pause the emcee and enjoy a full-length instrumental joint.]

1. King Amongst Kings

The first reason you should buy the album is because I won the Detroit Redbull Regionals back in 2009. So I'm a Redbull King. Redbull has a big national beat battle. They take eight cities and take the top two producers from those eight cities, from those eight battles around the United States. I won the one in Detroit, so I got to go to the Finals down in Atlanta that year. Sixteen of us who made it to the Finals. I made it to the top eight but you know, things happen, and I was happy to make it there and it was a great experience. I'm one of those few winners of a national beat battle on a regional circuit in Detroit.

2. Reflection Eternal 

The album is ridiculous because it's a backdrop for reflection. It gives you a chance to have something to reflect to. It's one of those albums where you can kind of just sit back and listen and maintain a certain mood. I think my favorite beat on the album is actually one of my favorite beats I ever made and it's called "Push". "Push" just gives you this feeling. It's ridiculous every time I listen to it. My favorite beat on the album actually changes every time I listen to it. It really depends on my mood. That's the type of album it is. It's just one of those albums that takes you on a roller coaster. There's no bangers on the album, it's the type of music you listen to when you might be going through something or you want to provoke thought. Or it's the type of music you might want to put on if you're cleaning your house or rolling throughout your neighborhood. A lot of people know me for having bangers but honestly, this is the type of music I listen to mostly. It's just the type of music that sets the tone for me for my day.

3. Mello Out

Another reason you should go out and get this is because I'm on probably one of the fastest-growing independent groups out, Mello Music Group which has nothing but heat in their catalogue. I would say it's one of the Top 5 indie labels. I've been on MMG for a little over a year now and when I was asked to become a part of the team, I was excited. I just enjoy putting out music through Mello Music Group and I'm on here, distributed through Fat Beats so both of those are where I'm at. Mello Music Group has really come a long way and it's starting to be really, really recognized not just by the underground by also at the ground level too. It's not a commercial label but it's getting recognized by some of the top indies. It's really known as a contender now. We have nothing but good, quality music coming out from good, quality artists. Our biggest thing is consistency. And anyone who knows hip-hop knows, those who are consistent stay around the longest. It's not about following gimmicks or conforming to what's hot. It's about being consistent. 

4. Get Gassed

A big reason you should get this is because I produced the last album, Gas Mask, which was highly recognized by some of the greats and some of the legends like DJ Premier. He actually put the Gas Mask album on his Top Albums of 2010 list. That was a really big accolade for me. 

5. 100% Pure

The last reason is because I'm consistent with my quality. I'm not arrogant. I'm a good down to earth cat but I do know what is good quality and I think I'm very consistent with my quality. Everybody knows it and this record is quality. I'm one of the up-and-coming producers in the game, one of the guys to look for so why not go out and get this album?

You Decide. Will you purchase Clouds?

To purchase, just click right here.

Check out Apollo Brown's Clouds below:

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