Caption Diss: Chris Brown: Will The Real Slim Shady, Please Stand Up?

Tuesday, Mar 1, 2011 12:05AM

Written by Bulldog Butterworth

For Caption Diss, the good ol' folks at SOHH are back at it giving y'all, my loyal doggies, a chance to capture the final word(s). The "Best We've Ever Read" headline gets to hold down that Cap Diss crown for seven days. Who run it?

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of]

LMFAO!!! LMFAO!!! LMFAO!!! Oh sh*t, son! Chris Brown is my doggy! LMFAO!!! Doggies, do y'all even see how funny this doggy is for murking his head Eminem circa 2000's Marshall Mathers blond? LOL!!! I mean, WTF? There are almost endless amounts of captions we could put on this doggy. Matter of fact, let's pop off right here! "Will the real Slim Shady, please stand up!" Or how about, "D*mn, I miss my old b*tch." LOL. Is it just me or does this sh*t look suspect as h*ll? I mean, Rihanna gets red hair a few months back and now Sisqo-Chris is feeling like sunshine? LOL!!!!!! Doggies, for the sake of Chris, please tell me what the h*ll is going on in this doggy's head! LMFAO!!!! Hmmmm..........lololollololololo!!!!!!!!

Congrats to ####, ####, ####, #### and #### for the funny a** Caption Disses that landed their lucky a**es free DVDs from Comedy Central. SMFH. 5 prizes. SMFH. I still don't get it.


Aight doggies. No prizes this week, just some funny a** caption hopefuls. Y'all know how we get down. Think 'em, diss 'em, ink 'em and submit 'em into the comments section by Monday, March 7th. SMFH @ Chris Brown. LOL!!!!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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