Guest Star: "This Is Why Motherf*ckers Don't F*ck Around In New York"

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011 1:05PM

Written by SOHH for Saigon

[In light of his close friend/rapper Tru Life facing a murder conviction, Saigon weighs in on New York's attempt to put rappers on lockdown.]

I'm gonna tell you something about New York State. New York State is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. So in 1995, I was in the prison system when this happened, Governor George Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani were in office. This is the same Giuliani who is thinking about going after President Obama next year for the presidency and if he gets it, I wouldn't be surprised. If he beats Obama, they'll be like, "We gave y'all your n*gga, now back to the story. Giuliani is president."

Anyway, Mayor Giuliani and Governor Pataki cleaned New York up. Why do you think there ain't any more graffiti signs on the trains no more? It ain't the same New York. You don't see motherf*ckers panhandling or selling sh*t in the street. They cleaned New York up! They came through and didn't care. "Brooklyn, you think y'all tough? Y'all not tough. Just act like you want a gun."

Lil Wayne, who is a gazillionaire, still did time just for having a gun on his bus. They didn't even find the gun on him. It ain't like he had it out. Look at Shyne. Shyne did 10 years for that. 10 f*cking years. New York City is not playing with n*ggas.

This is the difference between New York and other places. This is why motherf*ckers don't f*ck around in New York. Lil Kim went to jail. They don't care if you're an entertainer. Ja Rule and Lil Wayne got caught the same night. Ja Rule is about to go do two years. He's about to go to jail. They don't care who the f*ck you are.

If it was only about money, Lil Wayne could have been out that spot. A gun charge? If he was a regular n*gga and had all that bread, it should have been a wrap. That charge would have been probation. 30 days probation. But it's the fact that New York City had to make a story out of it. Do you know how many newspapers they could sell for locking this n*gga up? That's what they care about. They just use us as bait.

They don't give a f*ck about our money, we're still Black to them. "You're a famous Black n*gga and rich, but watch this. Your money ain't gonna get you out of here. You going to Rikers Island because watch how much money 'we' make off of you. We're selling newspapers off you everyday. We're making a million dollars a day off your a**, n*gga." Business is business.

It ain't just about rappers either. Why do you need a gun? Why are you thinking you're a gangster? You ain't had a gun all these years in your life and just now you decide you need one? Why, because you're a rapper? Come on man.

Tru Life is my brother. God bless him, he's in jail for murder. We're people who really play this game but try not to. He's innocent as ever but he's in jail because he got caught in a situation. They see it as coming from the streets. It ain't nothing we take pride in. Tru Life is an acronym. It stands for "The-Real-Uniting, those, Living-In-a-Fantasy-Environment." Tru Life. Everybody looked at him like, "Oh, he's trying to be gangster." No. He never, ever, ever, ever came off like that and that's how everybody always [view] him.

Saigon is a rapper who has been generating a buzz within the rap game since the early 2000's. In addition to the music, Sai has also received acclaim for his acting most notably in the popular HBO series, Entourage.

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