Underrated: "I'm Fire Right Now & Every Time You Hear Me, It's Been Crazier"

Friday, Feb 11, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Sheek Louch

[As Valentine's Day approaches, for this week only SOHH will highlight artists so in love with the man in the mirror that they decided to speak on why they feel they are unappreciated. After Cassidy gave himself the title yesterday, Sheek Louch now crowns himself SOHH Underrated.]

Sheek Louch (SOHH Underrated: I Love Me)

I gotta be the most underrated, because I'm fire right now and every time you hear me, it's been getting crazier and crazier. You know what I mean? Word up. I could probably name a couple more but it's about me right now.

Like before, all you would really hear is Jadakiss and Styles P before I started having to do what I had to do. And that's what made me go out and do my solo projects, so I've been proving and proving and proving what I'm about every time I drop something.

So it's like, I want people to be like, "Oh d*mn, all right. Here he comes with that 'Kiss Your A** Goodbye' and '2 Gunz Up.'" And then I come with something else, so I'm continuing to show that so it's like, I'm still swinging in here. And right now, people are starting to say, "Wow, that n*gga's nice."

Every time I do something I feel like it's big. I even take that approach with the mixtapes. I know they're listening and watching, especially the motherf*cking haters. They're just doing that to say something and nine out of ten are saying, "Yo, that sh*t is fire." And then they gotta go, "D*mn, you know what? You're right. It is kinda fire."

Sheek Louch is a renowned hip-hop veteran most known for his role in both The LOX and D-Block. In addition to putting out group records, Louch has ventured into his own solo career with multiple releases and underground projects. His latest LP, Donnie G: Don Gorilla, was released December 2010. 

Be sure to check back on Tuesday as we return to our regularly scheduled program, allowing your favorite artists/personalities to crown their favorite SOHH Underrated lyricists. 

Check out some Sheek Louch music videos below:

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