News: Soulja Boy Comes Up W/ Music Career Escape Plan

Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011 10:29AM

Written by Biz Jones

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em has decided to diversify his career options by revealing an interest to pursue acting in Hollywood films.

While he maintains music is a first love, Soulja Boy said acting is his next true passion.

"I really wanna break into Hollywood," Soulja told "I really wanna do the correct first film and make an impression on a lot of people so they can come holla at me and wanna put me in their movies. Doing music [is] my first love, but I always had a passion for acting 'cause I feel like I come out natural on the camera. In the future I got a couple plans. I've been talking to Nick Cannon, who is directing this upcoming film I'm supposed to be starring in, and I think that'll be a good look, but I just gotta pick the right film and kill the part." (BET)

Pondering what type of movie he could see himself in, Soulja said his ideal first feature would center on a love story.

"I mean, my first movie that I would get into, I'd like for it to be a comedy-romance," he shared. "Something with me and a female, like a girlfriend, and we fall in love and have problems or something like that and it just be funny at the same time." (BET)

Late last year, Soulja Boy turned heads after selling just over 13,000 copies of his third solo album in its first-week.

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em's The DeAndre Way also debuted on the chart at No. 90. With seven days down, the rapper's new album has sold 13,400 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Despite the negative perception, fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike hit up SOHH and defended Soulja Boy.

"I like Soulja Boy, I always have," Mike told SOHH. "I don't really have no opinion on record sales because I don't understand [them]. I can't lie to you and tell you I can't believe that some of this isn't designed. The same time Soulja Boy sells 13,000 physical copies, he probably sells a quarter million, half million if not more ring tones. So I think record companies are still making a gang of money off Soulja Boy. I don't think anybody's sad over there. I mean the record company or anyone around his team. So I mean, sh*t happens. Soulja Boy's gonna keep dominating." (SOHH)

Check out some recent Soulja Boy Tell Em footage down below:

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