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Tuesday, Feb 8, 2011 3:15PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  • Slaughterhouse EP
  • Slaughterhouse
  • February 8, 2011
Hip Hop DX 4/5
Nappy Afro 3.5/5
Hip Hop For You 2/5
The Koalition 4.5/5
K1nge1Jay 3.75/5

Lyrical foursome Slaughterhouse, consisting of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Royce Da 5'9, quench rap thirsts with the release of their self-titled EP today.

The newly-signed Shady Records team strike again on their own terms on the new E1 Music release.

In any case, releasing an EP with music that you can find for free online seems like a horrible idea, even if they are great, quality Hip-Hop songs. In this case, Slaughterhouse has decided to take a noble approach and record new music and fresh remixes for a couple of their tracks that garnered the most buzz, pre-album. That's a nice way to make a bad idea suddenly seem appealing, right? (K1jngelJay)

The Mr. Porter-produced "Sun Doobie" track proclaims Slaughterhouse's 2011 rap reign.

They've released another joint, entitled "Sun Doobie", to increase anticipation for their sophomore project. Behind the boards Mr. Porter produces a hardcore track with a grungy drum snare that will have your head nodding from the beginning while Budden, Royce, Crooked and Joell jump on board one by one, delivering raw and cunning lyrics claiming that 2011 is their year. Well, are they right? Is Slaughterhouse poised to take over the game this year? What the hell is a Sun Doobie? We can only assume all our questions will be answered soon. (DJ Booth)

The collective summoned The LOX  into their house to slaughter a track.

On January 10, 2011, a single featuring Dres of Black Sheep was released on the internet. The following day, a remix to group member, Joell Ortiz's song, "Put Some Money On It" featuring rap group The LOX was also released as believe to [also] be a single. Both songs will appear on the EP. (Wikipedia)

The six-track EP boasts beats from an eclectic group of producers, including Dres and Black Milk.

"Back on the Scene" appropriately brings Black Sheep's Dres along for the ride to set things off. M-Phazes appears to flip the same sample as The Neptunes did for Clipse's "Dirty Money," and ends up outdoing them with energetic claps and well-timed synths. Mr. Porter of D12 provides a simple backdrop with stabbing keys, allowing all four emcees to work their magic. "Everybody Down" is a bit of a let-down, as the Black Milk production is surprisingly flat, as are the emcees rhymes. "Put Some Money on It (Remix)" is probably an underachiever as well, as anything less than face-melting from Slaughterhouse and The L.O.X. over a Sean C & LV cut is disappointing. (Hip Hop DX)

Critics feel the project highlights each group member's rhyme skills, despite the limited number of tracks on the project.

The EP is a little short at 6 tracks, even for a EP but thats okay, I'll take quality over quantity any day. The album opens with "Back on the Scene". Not the best way to open up, a pretty average track with nothing really going for it. The Slaughterhouse ensemble do what they can with it. Sun Doobie, the first song we heard off the tape follows up next and is more in tune with the Slaughterhouse sound. "You get more for your money when you fuck with Mr.Porter", welcomes you into a a slick piano riddled track with a funky guitar riff that brings out the best in the group. Everybody Down, another lyrical exercise finds the group continuing their rampage; like a fat man at a buffet they leave the beat hanging by a thread. One thing is for certain, there is no lack of bars here. (Beef On My Block)
Even though the Slaughterhouse EP technically only has three original songs and three remixes, it's still a starter kit for those unfamiliar with Slaughterhouse and also a great listen to those fans that like lyrical Hip-hop. The EP is on par with the first Slaughterhouse album and will keep fans of that release fed until the group makes the debut on Em's label. An album that will hopefully be released later this year. (Nappy Afro)

To purchase the new EP, just click here.

Listen to the EP below:

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