5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Raw Law": "I'm Hot In The Courtrooms & I'm Hot In The Streets"

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011 1:15PM

Written by SOHH for Muhammad Bashir

[With this week's release of Cash Money Content's debut book Raw Law, author Muhammad Ibn Bashir, Esq. gives his Top 5 reasons why this read will help you fight the power.]

1. You Don't Know

There's an old Frederick Douglas statement that says you have to speak truth to power. And that's exactly what it does. It not only speaks to the street but it speaks to the corporations, it speaks to the government, it speaks to system in to itself. So when you look up to something that speaks truth to power, this book will do it for you. That's number one. 95 percent of my work is criminal trial work. So what I'm really running up against is young people who don't know. Nobody's really educated them on what's going to take place when they have to deal with the system. So my point was, enough of this waiting around for someone to walk into an office and blame their lifestyle. I wanted to get 10 to 15 people all at once to get that light moment in their head where they "get it." They realize the consequences and know the rules. I'm tired of having the same lecture over and over with kids so I figured I would go ahead and do it in writing and try to get the point across a little bit quicker.

2. Public Enemy #1

This is also a book that is targeted for our community. When I say "our" community, I'm talking about the hip-hop community, the generations that nobody speaks to. I am hoping this will become an empowering book, a book that you can read and say, "I walked away and felt, I'm feeling it and I know what to do now." It's one of those kinds of things. It gives you an opportunity to read something, enjoy it and understand what you were feeling. Having seen hip-hop for what it really is, growing up with it, it is a cultural phenomenon. It could be great or it could be destructive. So once you see that and self-awareness of pride in the culture, you'll want to move it forward. My idea was to put it on a pad, like Chuck D said, "When I get mad, I put it on a pad." This is what the hip-hop community needs. Sometimes you need to stop, look in the mirror and check yourself out. That's what I'm doing with the book.

3. I Show You How To Do This, Son

Another thing I think the book will do and what I hope it will do is it's going to bring out some issues that no one is addressing in the way it's being addressed. It's not necessarily an academic book. It's not one of those things where you get a lot of statistics. It's not one of those things where you get bogged down with lots of case laws. This is coming from somebody who practices the law and lives the life. So when I tell you something is happening and it's hot in the courtrooms and it's hot in the streets, it's because I'm hot in the courtroom and I'm hot in the streets. The book is story-based. So I just have to give you a little story. A mother walked into my office with her kid. Her son was charged with a robbery. The first thing he does after he gets nabbed and brought down to the police station is gives a statement. And I said to the mother, "What would make him give a statement? Doesn't he know that the first thing police tell you is you have a right to remain silent? And that anything that you say 'can' and 'will' be used against you? " This meaning that they will find a way to use it against you. They are telling you up front. So what would be his benefit of speaking to the police? And she said, "Well, I just told him to tell the truth." So that told me there was two generations of people who didn't understand the fabric of their own Constitution. The Constitution gives you that Fifth Amendment of due process and right to protection of incriminating yourself and yet the first thing out of his mother's mouth, out of her own personal pride was tell them the truth. So he tells the truth and locks himself into an armed robbery. If he had remained silent, the only evidence against him was a vague description. Now I'm not trying to encourage crime but there is a Constitution out there and there are rules that are designed to protect you. And it seems like the only people not familiar with the rules are the people of color. We're the ones who make up 75 percent of the prison population and don't have the resources to get people in a position to fight within the rules. So I want people to know whatever your lifestyle is, at least know what the rules are.


Somebody once told me, "If you want to hide it from hip-hop and people of color, put it in a book." I'm getting ready to shatter that myth. I want young people to grab the book, I want old people to grab the book and shatter that myth. This book is a myth shatterer. This is going to be one people grab and talk about. So I think this will be a great conversation piece.

5. Real Love

And last but not least, you should read the book because it's from someone who you will be able to identify with. There's an old hip-hop expression, "Real Recognize Real." This is real.

You Decide. Will you purchase Raw Law?

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