Guest Star: "People Were Really Doubting Big Pun & Labels Didn't Want To Sign Him"

Monday, Feb 7, 2011 3:10PM

Written by SOHH for Vlad Yudin

[In honor of today marking the 11th anniversary of Big Pun's passing, Big Pun: The Legacy director Vlad Yudin sheds light on the late Terror Squad member's run in hip-hop.]

I had a great privilege to be involved with the Big Pun film. I definitely contributed to people remembering him, even though people pay a lot of tribute to him. I feel the film deserves a little bit of attention and that it was a positive thing. It got people talking about Pun a little bit and kind of remembering him more. There were a lot of artists in the film talking about him again, which is great.

I just hope that the fans keep his legacy going, keeping him in their hearts. We're talking about one of the greatest artists in hip-hop and I think it's such a positive thing.

I feel like even though there were a lot of obstacles against him and people were really doubting Pun [because of ] the weight situation of course, and labels didn't want to sign him because they didn't believe in him for different reasons. But because he was demanding respect and because he was such a skilled rapper and not willing to quit, he achieved greatness. I feel like that's an important message. It's definitely something that demands appreciation.

From doing the film, I really developed a lot of appreciation from learning about the story of his struggle. He had so many things going against him in life, in general. He was able to overcome it and still achieve success. I think it's a story that's meant to be. If a person is meant to be successful, then he or she will be successful.

I still feel like after the film came out people were still talking about the violence and were still criticizing him and trying to take sides. That's what I noticed on the Internet. I think people should remember him for what he left, which is music. That's what I feel his legacy is about.

Vlad Yudin is a movie director who made headlines throughout 2009 for releasing his Big Pun: The Legacy documentary which detailed the late rapper's rise to fame through interviews with friends, family, hip-hop artists, actors/actresses and business executives.

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