5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Mohammad Dangerfield: "Not Picking Up This CD Can Lead To Depression"

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011 12:10PM

Written by SOHH for Mohammad Dangerfield

[With today's release of Mohammad Dangerfield, Hasan Salaam and Rugged N Raw give you 5 reasons to open up your wallets for a hip-hop classic.]

1. Knock Em Out The Box

Let's go with the knowledge of this album first. We've both been putting in a lot of work in hip-hop as solo artists. Sometimes people try to throw us in boxes. In life, there's no boxes. And the great thing about this record is that it's life. This is complete life music. This is something that you can play in every situation in your day. That's the thing I'm the most proud about with this album. There's definitely political conversation, situations with your son, situations off of hip-hop, like if you got to stomp the sh*t out of an emcee type joints. It's everything on there. It's got a lot of personal sh*t on there too because both of us were going through a lot at the time. So that's reflected in the record. -Hasan Salaam

2. Double Up

In an increasingly individualistic society, for two emcees that have built such a strong following and accolade sheet as solo acts to join forces is a tip of the iceberg to show the power of selflessness. There aren't as many rap groups as there used to be, and certainly not as many potent duos. Most duos don't cover a wide range of topics on an album, but super emcees can do anything. Within the same song, each perspective is different yet in perfect cohesion. -Rugged N Raw

3. Trash Pick-Up Day Suspended

The third reason is because the both of us really took our time into putting work into our craft. There's no throwaway verses, there's not throwaway lines and there's not even no f*cking throwaway words on it. You can sit there and not only digest what we're saying but the patterns in how we say this sh*t. Definitely check out the joint called "Generation Kill". The song "Generation Kill" is dealing with war from many different perspectives. And it's dealing with the war that's going on in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. It's the longest war in American history. Believe it. Most people live their lives not even thinking about it but it's some serious things going on and a lot of artists are actually shying away from speaking about it. And that song's really heavy. -Hasan Salaam

4. It Ain't Safe No More

There aren't any safe songs on here. On a lot of albums, there are at least a couple of joints where the lyrics can be very generic, almost like they are taking a break from good writing, to fit the flow of a track. Mo Danger is always looking to have exceptional writing on every song. That's what separates us from the pack, being able to say what we want, exactly how we want, all the time. -Rugged N Raw

5. Protect Ya Neck

Not picking up this CD can lead to depression later on. And then your work/school will suffer. Then your home life will suffer. Then you will stay home for 3 weeks in a row with no shave or shower, you will forget to pay your rent and bills, and next thing you know, you're out on the street with a non-working cellphone and one bag of clothes, all because you initially thought not having the Mohammad Dangerfield album would be ok. Be more responsible with your life and get your copy! -Rugged N Raw

You Decide. Will you purchase Mohammad Dangerfield?

To buy the new album, just click right here.

Check out a preview of the album below:

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