5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: "Live At Stubb's, Vol. II": "I Just Remember Sticking It"

Monday, Feb 7, 2011 4:10PM

Written by SOHH for Matisyahu

[With the new release of Live At Stubb's, Volume II, reggae/rap artist Matisyahu breaks down the Top 5 reasons you need this live album in your collection.]

1. Lover's Rock

The first reason why you should buy Live At Stubb's, Volume II is because the music is pretty unique. There's a very unique sound. I think one of the draws that my music has had is that I grew up listening to multi-genre sounds like so many of today's youths. We grew up listening to hip-hop music but we also listened to rock music and reggae music. So the style that developed from what it was five or six years ago to where it has gone, it's just the continued evolution. It's still a blending of the different styles but I think if you're a reggae lover, you're gonna love it. If you like hip-hop, electronic music, rock music, it just has all those different aspects to it.

2. Scoops Of Variety

If you're someone who likes pretty much any style of music, this is really a cross-genre form of music. I think if you're a music lover, someone who likes music, you'll really dig it. One of my favorite moments on the record is during "Two Shot, One Drop" which is a song that was released on an EP I put out but never released on a full-length. It's one of those moments during the show where I just remember sticking it. I was right in the pocket, right in the moment, in the words, in the music, listening and just really there. I think that's a good song.

3. Dubble-Up

Another reason you should get the album is because the band that I'm playing with is called the Dub Trio. And they're amazing. Dub Trio is a Brooklyn-based group. They started out as a dope reggae-rock group. They were a very heavy metal band and they also do hip-hop, programming beats. They use dub in sort of whatever genre they're playing in. So we really incorporate the dub sound in the main element of the music we make. Regardless of what genre it is. It's pretty unique because dub is something that's mostly used in reggae music only.

4. Back Where I Belong

The fourth reason why you should buy the album is because it takes place at the world famous Stubb's Bar in Austin, Texas. When I first started out, I was in a religious school in Brooklyn and I had left the area and started doing shows. I got an agent and booked a tour. During that first tour, I signed a record deal and we recorded our first record at Stubb's, which was sort of an unlikely place to record the record. But at the same time, in a sense, Austin is a real city that seeps in music and music culture. And Stubb's is a great venue, it's been around for a while and so in a way it made a lot of sense. It ended up doing really great. I think to this day it's one of the highest-selling live records of all-time. So we wanted to revisit and go back to that place.

5. Blow Your Horns

The final reason this album is worth buying is because it starts off with a shofar being blown. A shofar is a ram's horn that [is played during the Jewish New Year]. The Holy Day. A friend of mine came and blew the shofar on the album.

You Decide. Will you buy Live At Stubb's, Volume II?

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Check out a preview of Live At Stubb's, Volume II below:

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