Guest Star: "I Never Thought About If GZA Was A Juice Crew Member Or Not"

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011 11:25AM

Written by SOHH for Kool G Rap

[With recent buzz behind GZA allegedly declining an opportunity to join the iconic 1980's Juice Crew, Kool G Rap speaks on the Genius' relationship with his old crew.]

GZA was ill. GZA was also an artist on Cold Chillin' Records but I never really seen a difference at the time as far as him not being a part of the Juice Crew because back then, we looked at anybody who was on Cold Chillin' Records as a part of the crew.

I never really gave it too much thought back then to be honest. It was just like, GZA was on Cold Chillin' Records so he was part of the team to me. He was a part of the crew. We're the Cold Chillin' family. So even if GZA was never officially a Juice Crew member, just him being on Cold Chillin' Records made him affiliated [with] me. And that's why I always really had a lot of love and you gotta respect the boy's craft. He's super talented.

He's a very talented artist but I gotta admit, I never really looked back and thought about him being or not being on the Juice Crew back then. I never thought about if GZA was a Juice Crew member or not.

As far as myself, "I" was never asked to be in the Juice Crew. I just became a part of the Juice Crew and it was cool to me. So if you want to get to something being official, nobody ever came to G Rap and said, "Yo G Rap, you want to be down with the Juice Crew?" It just happened. It just became G Rap was down with the Juice Crew.

All of us being looked at as stars, that's something I thought about years later. My man who owned Cold Chillin' Records, Tyrone Williams, I told him, "How do you gather so many artists that's so talented and make them hold their own weight and have them be main attractions in one spot like that?" [There's] only so many groups that did it like that to that level. You have to look at something like a Def Jam and maybe a Wu-Tang Clan for [an example of] so many stars to be getting produced in one place like that.

There's been no other place like that since something like Motown.

Kool G Rap is a renowned hip-hop veteran who made a name for himself in the 1980's as a member of the legendary Juice Crew. Kool G Rap is regarded as a hugely influential golden era emcee who inspired artists like Nas, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G. and more.

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