Guest Star: "He Was Already Depressed W/ All The Other Sh*t Going On In His Life"

Monday, Feb 21, 2011 1:55PM

Written by SOHH for DJ Whoo Kid

[With today's release Let the Drummer Get Wicked, DJ Whoo Kid explains why this Travis Barker-featured digital mixtape is a must-have.]

This project with Travis Barker shows us punching together hip-hop and rock. We combined it all and made sure to put all the big heads on there. We have Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, all the cats that are out there doing it are on this mixtape. We even got Lloyd Banks on here, so you name it.

He has a love for hip-hop. He's not leaving rock or anything. He still has a relationship with Blink-182 and he still has his own rock group that he's been working with also. He just really has a love for hip-hop and sometimes when you have a love for things, people don't always know. I have a love for house music. A lot of people don't know that. I tour overseas and a lot of people out there really love house music. Especially when you go to Dubai, Paris, and all these other places. They don't really f*ck with hip-hop "too" much.

So I really like to personally do house music but at the same time I'm not escaping hip-hop. I'm not gonna leave hip-hop just to go into house music-only. So Travis Barker's definitely not gonna forget where he's from. So what better way to connect? He's the king at what he does and I'm the king of what I do. We put together the pictures and promo, called up everybody, got together and he also has an album coming out. So what better way to set-up his promo than by doing a nice little viral mixtape on the Internet?

So that was the motivation behind the mixtape and it was a success. He was like, "Yo, I gotta do this mixtape with you." And we go way back, even with [the late] DJ AM. DJ AM was a person I looked up to and I kind of got him out of his shell. He was already depressed with all the other sh*t going on in his life and me bringing him out was great.

We've got some videos and of course we're being managed by Shady Records, so I had a nice little talk with them to make a movie out of this. This sh*t is in my car and I'm going crazy over it.

DJ Whoo Kid is currently signed to G-Unit Records and its subsidiary label, Shady Ville Entertainment. He is the host of Hollywood Saturdays on Sirius/XM Radio and runs website (Where Hip Hop Meets Hollywood).

To download the new mixtape, just click here.

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