Funkmaster Flex Arrested In NYC, "Flex Pushed Her, Tried To Break Her Phone & Sent Threatening Messages"

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News: Funkmaster Flex Arrested In NYC, "Flex Pushed Her, Tried To Break Her Phone & Sent Threatening Messages"

Friday, Feb 4, 2011 5:00PM

Written by Biz Jones

Today, controversial radio personality Funkmaster Flex was reportedly arrested in New York City for allegedly assaulting a woman.

Details of the arrest hit the Internet Friday (February 4) afternoon.

Famous hip-hop DJ Funkmaster Flex was arrested today in New York after a woman told police Flex pushed her, tried to break her phone ... and then sent her threatening messages. Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops responded to a domestic violence call from a 40-year-old woman in home in Westchester early this morning. When cops arrived, Flex was nowhere to be found ... but the woman insisted he went ballistic on her and left. Cops managed to locate Flex a short time later -- and arrested him. (TMZ)

Flex eventually posted bail and is due back in court later this month.

Police arrested Aston "Funkmaster Flex" Taylor in his car a short distance from the scene. Taylor faces harassment and criminal mischief charges. Taylor posted $500.00 bail and was released. He is due back in court on Friday, February 18. (CBS News)

In 2003, Flex made headlines for after a physical dispute with female radio host Steph Lova.

Funkmaster Flex, 35, whose real name is Aston Taylor Jr., was arrested on assault charges last September after he allegedly choked and punched a female DJ from a rival radio station. Taylor pleaded guilty in Manhattan Criminal Court on Monday to lesser charges of harassment. He was also issued an order of protection to stay away from Stephanie Saunders, 29, who is known as Big Steph Lova and works for WWPR-FM (105.1). Taylor, a DJ for WQHT-FM (97.1), was accused of confronting Saunders outside his Greenwich Village radio station on Sept. 20. He was reportedly upset over allegations, made during an on-air interview that Saunders conducted, that he accepted bribes to play certain songs. Murray Richman, Taylor's lawyer, acknowledged Monday that the two disc jockeys had a "shouting match," but said his client "never touched" Saunders. (Hip Hop Music)

Last fall, Flex turned heads after publicly slandering the late rap icon Tupac Shakur.

"I know everyone saw a short clip of me saying some things about Tupac in a nightclub," Flex said on his Hot 97 radio show. "I know some of his fans are upset because they feel he's not here to defend himself. Let me be the first one to say not only do I respect his music, I respect what he put down. I respect the records he made, the records he sold, his positive energy in the beginning, the great records he made and I know how passionate he was about his music. That's not where any of this came from and yeah it came out at the wrong time and I know people only saw that little piece so you don't know what exactly was going on that night. I want to keep it so one hundred today, I feel a certain way. It's just how I feel -- Yes, he was very talented and yet he made great records, and I also think he brought a negative energy into the game with the beefing -- and the threats of what was going on and yes, it happened to be most of the artists were from New York City." (Hot 97)

Check out some recent Funkmaster Flex footage down below:


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