Guest Star: "For Me To Say I'm Not F*cking W/ The 'New West' Is Bullsh*t"

Friday, Feb 25, 2011 4:05PM

Written by SOHH for WC

[With the "New West" being represented by newcomers like Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hu$$le, and Blu, rap veteran WC gives his opinion on the re-emergence of the California hip-hop movement.]

I have no problem seeing new artists coming out, especially from the West Coast. I just don't want them to separate themselves from us. That's something I've spoken on a while back and still say to this day.

A few years ago, me and that whole "New West" movement wasn't seeing eye-to-eye. It wasn't looking good because I was under the impression that a couple of cats out there were misrepresenting us. They were going out there saying, "We're the New West. F*ck all the old n*ggas." They were saying f*ck everyone who came before them. But it turned out that was just a few individuals who were bitter and mad at the time.

Realistically? We all need each other. And so for me to sit up and say I'm not feeling anybody from the New West or that I'm not f*cking with that movement is bullsh*t. I applaud anybody that's coming out of Los Angeles and the West. I'm all about everyone keeping the fire going from what's been said in the past.

The reason I saw "we" is because I am an artist from back in the day that put in work. So now I'm here just like them ready to hold them the f*ck up and keep this going. There was a time when it could have been grand opening and grand closing on our a**.

So for me to look around at what's going on and to see kids out here like Kendrick Lamar and everybody else doing their thing? I'm proud. I'm proud of the West. This shows you, right here, that we can have other cats continuing to come out and keeping this sh*t going. People kept looking at us to keep the sh*t going. They were looking at Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, WC and DJ Quik. They've been hearing us for the longest.

We don't mind what we're doing and sh*t like that but I would love to see some other faces come out. And I do realize there are a lot of n*ggas on my side of town that are hot as f*ck but they can't get no publicity because of the way this sh*t is set-up with radio and the way it's set-up with these labels.

Today, you gotta come in a certain way. A lot of these n*ggas ain't conforming to this bullsh*t.

WC is a rapper most known as a member of Ice Cube's Westside Connection group alongside Mack 10. He also has music dating back to his days in rap groups Low Profile and WC and the Maad Circle. With over two decades of music to his name, WC has put out nearly five solo albums and handfuls of group projects. In addition to music, WC has been featured in films including Friday, Set It Off and Belly 2.

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