Guest Star: "Diddy & Fabolous Came Through, Showed Up To The Shoot & It Went Smooth"

Wednesday, Feb 2, 2011 2:30PM

Written by SOHH for Kevin Cossom

[With the release of Kevin Cossom's new "Baby I Like It" music video, the R&B newcomer breaks down his on-set experience, filming alongside Diddy and Fabolous out in Los Angeles.]

The whole music video was done in LA. Diddy and Fabolous came through, showed up to the shoot and it went smooth. It was a wonderful shoot. I felt really good about it. But I knew that day it was going to be something cool but the fact they came out and supported, [made] everything really easy.

[The video features] many visual effects and movement. The record has a lot of energy, we wanted to capture that same energy and let it transfer in the video.

So we got the females dancing, and you're gonna see me, Diddy and Fab in there. It's directed by Colin Tilley and the shots that he chose are amazing shots. It's really an innovative video and the things that he did were amazing. It was a studio video shot at Smashbox Studios [in Los Angeles] but he had a set design team and they [built] several different sets to create the atmosphere.

There was a scene where they had a big black box and drilled holes all in it and they shot spotlights. So it was just a bunch of flashing lights going on while I'm standing in the box and they got a shot with these neon lights hanging from the sky, the ceiling. It was some crazy sh*t, some crazy stuff.

I've been on the set of a few and appeared in a few, but being that it was my first video, I was really taking it all in. I was observing, and it was a learning process. I definitely learned some things from [the experience].

Kevin Cossom is an R&B newcomer who has worked with a variety of rap stars including Beanie Sigel, Rick Ross, Chamillionaire, Trey Songz and Rocko but has also made a name for himself behind-the-scenes as a songwriter for Justin Bieber and Joe Jonas.

Check out Kevin Cossom's "Baby I Like It" below:

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