Exclusive: Cali Swag District Teaches The 3 Biggest 'Dougie' No-No's

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011 11:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

In celebration of Cali Swag District's The Kickback nearing release, group member Yung has revealed the Top 3 ways doing "The Dougie" could go wrong.

Although the majority of pop culture figures seem to have a grip on Cali's "Teach Me How To Dougie" dance, Yung said you can't mesh other dances with their signature touch.

"To us, there's really not a wrong way to do the 'Dougie,' just as long at you're having fun while you're doing it," Yung told SOHH. "But what we hate to see is when people clap their hands. What they do is start clapping their hands and then start doing the 'Jerk' with it. See, doing the 'Dougie' and doing the 'Jerk' is two different things. So when they start to 'Dougie' and then clap their hands as they start to 'Jerk,' that throws it off a little bit. I'd say that'd be one no-no." (SOHH)

Another wrong move was upping the tempo of your "Dougie" during a slow jam.

"I think you can 'Dougie' on a first date, I mean, that's how we get the ladies. So you take a girl out and tell her, 'Look, let me dance for you.' She might like it. You know what I'm saying? [laughs] If you're doing the 'Dougie' to a slow beat, and you go real fast, that's a no-no because it just looks weird." (SOHH)

Finally, Yung said the biggest "Dougie" sin one could commit would be not remembering dance's most pivotal step.

"The third biggest thing is not forgetting to rub your hair while you are doing the 'Dougie.' I mean, if you don't do that, then you ain't officially doing the 'Dougie' because that's the main move. You gotta hit them with the Doug E. Fresh. So a no-no is forgetting that. You can't forget that." (SOHH)

Yesterday, Yung dished out a few reasons why fans should cop their new Kickback debut album.

"The number one reason why you should go out and buy The Kickback is because "Teach Me How To Dougie" is on the album. And I know everybody loved that song, so if you want to cop that, put it in your CD player and bang that out, you'll get to hear that. We're not gonna try to put the record on too early because the fans have been hearing it the whole time we've been out. So we're not gonna give it to them too early on the album, they're gonna have to wait." (Buy My Record)

Check out some recent "Dougie" dancing below:

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