"'Adios Motherf*cker' Is Gonna Be A Hot Track" -Chet 'Haze' Hanks

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Guest Star: "'Adios Motherf*cker' Is Gonna Be A Hot Track" -Chet 'Haze' Hanks

Monday, Feb 14, 2011 12:05PM

Written by SOHH for Chet Haze

[With today's release of Hollywood actor Tom Hanks' son Chet Haze's new mixtape, Get Hazed, the rap newcomer kills the stereotypes and proves he is no joke.]

What I wanted to do with this mixtape is separate it [from other mixtapes]. A lot of mixtapes are getting released today and some are close to 30 tracks and they're solid. They're great mixtapes but I feel like there's a lot of filler on mixtapes today with songs that aren't necessarily that strong.

My mixtape, Get Hazed, is eight tracks. Although there's not a lot of quantity, the quality is there. I feel each track is the kind of thing you're gonna be able to listen to from beginning to end. You'll never want to hit the skip button.

It drops on Valentine's Day and [I began] working on it [in] September. So I've been working on this since about late September up until now. I couldn't be more excited for this to come out. I've been waiting to get this out for so long. I'm really excited the moment is finally here.

I've had a few tracks come out and people are starting to get to know me and formulate opinions about me. I really express myself a lot on this mixtape. I'm glad that with this out, people are going to have more full knowledge of me as an emcee and the direction I'm going.

One of my favorites on the mixtape is a track I did with another artist by the name of C-Rich. It's called "Roll Up." That's gonna be a great track for when you're laying back and chilling. As far as like a club banger, "Adios Motherf*cker" is gonna be a track that's hot. In terms of a track that I'm really proud of, that I hold dear, "Easy Ryder". That's kind of a track that's important [because it serves] just as an introduction to me.

To download Get Hazed, just click here.

Check out some tracks from the mixtape below:


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