News: Yung Joc Addresses Raz-B Bro Beat Down, "Keep My Name Out Ya Mouth Homie!!!" [Video]

Thursday, Jan 20, 2011 8:51AM

Written by Biz Jones

Southern rapper Yung Joc has addressed reports claiming he was involved in a physical attack on R&B singer Raz-B's brother this week.

Writing on his Twitter page, Joc downplayed any alleged involvement and asked Raz's brother, Ricky Romance, to refrain from name dropping.

"@RickyRomance keep my name out ya mouth homie!!! Don't involve me in ya mix up," Joc tweeted Wednesday (January 19).
"@TMZ this was my response to their mishap: @RickyRomancekeep my name out ya mouth homie!!! Don't involve me in ya mix up"
"@TMZ I have no issues with @razb2k or his brother @rickyromance. I said his name in a song 3 yrs ago nothing personal....just a check." (Yung Joc's Twitter)

Ricky Romance also hit up Twitter to address the situation.

"Westcoast MuthaF*cka @IAMYUNGJOC Club Atrium the Security who did this sh*t, and Staff.F*CK YOU!!!," he tweeted yesterday.
"Yall n*ggas set us up" (Ricky Romance's Twitter)

Ricky gave out further details on what allegedly took place Wednesday morning.

According to Ricky, Joc's security team stopped Raz in his tracks and refused to let him perform -- all because Raz publicly dissed Yung Joc in a song a few months ago. Ricky tells us he tried to help get his brother past the hired muscle ... but Joc's security wasn't having it -- and roughed him up pretty bad instead. Ricky claims he suffered some nasty cuts to his head during the melee -- before he and Raz were both forcefully thrown out of the Atrium Event Center. (TMZ)

Outside of allegations, Joc recently spoke on his time at Bad Boy Records and what he learned under the watch of Diddy.

"At the end of the day, I seen that man work non-stop," Joc said about his time under Diddy's wing. "True workaholic and delegate. Gotta learn how to delegate. I watched him delegate. I watched him form allies with people and pass the ball. Delegation was the key and key to a lot of things I saw him do because you can't do it all yourself. I feel like, I was in situations where Diddy would do sh*t where other people thought it was like, 'Nah, I don't really wanna do that,' but he would go and do it just to let it be known, 'If I can get dirty, then motherf*cker you can get dirty.' I took a lot of that in and I saw it, watched a lot. Me and him weren't together everyday, all day, but the majority of time, I listened. I did more listening than talking..." (Vlad TV)

Check out the footage of what went down with Ricky Romance down below:

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