"The Man Grabbed The Chain Off [Young Money's] Gudda Gudda's Neck" [Video]

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Exclusive: "The Man Grabbed The Chain Off [Young Money's] Gudda Gudda's Neck" [Video]

Monday, Jan 17, 2011 12:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After weekend buzz speculating Young Money's Gudda Gudda as the subject of an attempted robbery circulated online, an inside source close to the scene hit up SOHH with details.

According to videographer Mikey T The Movie Star, the incident took place in Minnesota.

"Young Money artist Gudda Gudda, who is still touring off the Young Money debut album was in Burnsville, Minnesota performing alongside Mack Maine who's currently doing some work with several Young Money members," Mike told SOHH. "[That's] when a man grabbed at Gudda's chain while he was performing 'Bedrock' and had bent over to show some ladies some love. The chain that was snatched belong to Young Money rapper T-Streets, it was the YM chain which was personalized with YM links, as the man grabbed the chain off Gudda's neck." (SOHH)

Despite speculation, the chain snatcher was addressed following his attempted robbery.

"He only snagged a few of the links leaving the rest of the chain hanging on Gudda's neck, this then resulted in a few of the Young Money members including both Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine to jump into the crowd an run after the culprit who was beat down and arrested by the police. Gudda Gudda is currently gearing up for a tour Lil Wayne is putting together this February as well as two mixtapes, one with DJ Drama. Expect a lot from Gudda Gudda this year." (SOHH)

Details of what allegedly went down landed online yesterday (January 16) afternoon.

Young Money hosted a show at Club Olmeca in Burnsville, Minnesota. The show was headlined by Gudda Gudda and Mack Maine. During the show, Gudda was wearing a yellow gold dog tag with the Young Money emblem, encrusted with black and red diamonds. During the performance of their hit song "Bedrock," a source indicated that a member of Cambodian blood gang "G.M.F." snatched the chain and jumped off stage. Apparently, Gudda jumped into the crowd and struck the thief three or four times before security intervened. (Hip Hop DX)

Gudda also hit up Twitter to confirm the attempted robbery.

"great show in minnesota until this bum a** n*gga tried to snatch my chain and didnt make it out the club wit it! nice try p*ssy!," Gudda tweeted January 15th. (Gudda Gudda's Twitter)

Check out footage from the incident below:


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