News: Ja Rule's Sick Of Sequel LP's, "I Didn't Want To Keep The Cliche Sh*t Going" [Video]

Monday, Jan 3, 2011 4:00PM

Written by Rosario Harper

Former Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule recently discussed his upcoming Renaissance Project solo album and his gave his reasons for shelving the would-be Venni Vetti Vecci 2010.

According to Rule, he believes the popularity of sequels albums like Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 and Jay-Z's The Blueprint III is becoming an over-done trend in the music industry.

"It's gonna be called The Renaissance Project," Rule told Mikey T The Movie Star, referring to his upcoming album. "I didn't scrap Venni Vetti Vecci 2. I still got a lot of songs from Venni Vetti Vecci 2 but I'm feeling like everybody's doing the sequel album and you know, I didn't want to keep the cliche sh*t going. I'm dropping. That's what they need to know. I'm coming heavy with records in the next few weeks. I'm about to start dropping some records. 'Man Down' is out right now. It's getting a lot of love, getting a lot of response from a lot of deejays and sh*t. But you know, we about to start dropping records heavy. The game is different, it changed a lot. I understand the game is about dropping music even if it's not good material. So [my record label] MPire's getting ready to drop a lot of material in the next few weeks." (Movie Star Status DVD)

Ja Rule broke the news on his latest album title in September.

"I changed the name of my album from Venni Vetti Vecci 2010, first of all, Venni Vetti Vecci was my baby, that was my first album," Rule explained in an interview speaking on his 1999 debut. "You can never duplicate that era in time. That was my whole life's work in that album up until that time. And then number two, I went to Africa -- it took on a hold of me, when I was doing my album and the whole project, what I was going through right now, with the new beginning, I'm not with Murder Inc. anymore, but they're still the family. I'm on my own venture, so it was a sign of a new beginning, new ambitions, new everything. They built this statue out there, it's called The Renaissance and it's a statue of a man holding his baby on his shoulders with his wife in his arms, pointing to the heavens. To me, it just symbolized what I'm about right now and just the word -- fresh start, I said that's what I want to call my project, The Renaissance Project and it represents what I'm about..." (XXL Mag)

Last spring, Rule updated fans on the status of his delayed project.

"It's been a good ride, you know what I'm sayin'? It's been a wild ride, but it's been fun.  With this album I feel like I've conquered all those little obstacles that I had to get around, and now I'm ready to get this product out to the world again...I worked with a lot of different producers on this album. Some new guys, some veterans. The album's put together really well. It just has an overall feel to it, the sound is vintage Ja Rule, but then it's different, I've been playing with this new sound that I've been trying to develop." (Dubcnn)

In early 2010, Rule changed his game plan on how his next solo LP would drop.

"I wanted to do a three disc set but I'm thinking about changing the idea of how I want to do it," Rule told interviewer Lola. "One set was gonna be all hip-hop. Straight back to the roots hip-hop was gonna be the first disc, then the second one was gonna be when I came into thegame and kinda transformed, learned being in the business doing duets and stuff like that. The third disc was gonna be Rule, my new sound and that was gonna be that but the album is coming out crazy so I think I wanna give 'em, maybe a double. Or I might just give 'em 14, 15 bangers...This time, it's more of the content of myself, what I've been through, what I've seen...It's coming in the summer time, I was pushing for a June date but I don't know if I'm gonna make that date or not. So it'll definitely be here this summer." (iLuvLola)

A release date for The Renaissance Project has not yet been announced.

The rapper is also expected to serve a two-year jail sentence on a gun possession conviction sometime in early 2011.

Check out Ja Rule speaking on his new album down below:

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