Guest Star: "There's A Zillion Things I Could Say In A Song That I Could Never Say In A Rap"

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011 2:40PM

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[Despite making a name for himself as a solo artist, Skillz speaks on what fuels his creativity, and why his artistry expands beyond ghostwriting.]

I have a passion for writing songs. So that's where it all stems. Sometimes [my lyrics] work well for me. Sometimes [they] work well for other rappers. Sometimes [they] work for R&B artists. But it all stems from the passion of songwriting.

I wouldn't even consider it ghostwriting now. It's just songwriting. I have a passion to tell stories through music. [There's] a zillion things that I could say in a song that I could never say in a rap. And sometimes I know, 'This song, it's cool for me but it works better for Justin Timberlake and it's going to make me a lot more money if I can sell it to him'.

So in those instances, it's always about being creative. When I was in school, English was always my favorite subject and I always loved to express myself. I loved digging deep and making people feel different emotions through words, and that's just something that I've always had in me. It went from writing songs to writing songs for other artists. I just love being able to do that and [be involved with] music. 

Just recently I realized I could [express myself] through other avenues as well. I wrote a film that I shot [last] year. So it's about being able to tell stories.

Skillz has been a presence in the rap game for nearly two decades and in addition to releasing his own music as a solo artist, the rapper has reportedly penned music for Diddy, Foxy Brown, Mase, Will Smith and Jermaine Dupri. He is currently working on Willow Smith's upcoming debut LP.

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