Underrated: "He's The Nicest Of The Nicest, But He's Not Getting Attention..."

Thursday, Jan 20, 2011 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Duke Da God

[SOHH features a new entertainment personality each week to speak on who they feel is the most underrated artist. After Bangladesh gave Lloyd Banks the title earlier this week, Dipset A&R Duke Da God crowns Jadakiss SOHH Underrated.]

Jadakiss (SOHH Underrated)

I think he most underrated person in hip-hop right now is probably Jadakiss. Speaking on a mainstream level, I gotta say Jadakiss. I'm going to tell you real quick why I feel he's the most underrated out there.

Jadakiss is the "nicest" of the "nicest" but he's not getting all that attention. He's lyrically better than anybody and everybody but something just doesn't connect with the mainstream. He's the nicest out of everybody rapping. I think he's very underrated and he should have more marketing dollars spent on him because he's better than everybody.

And while I'm at it, on a not-so-mainstream level, I gotta include Hell Rell in there. He's got to also be at the top of the list for most underrated. I think Hell Rell is an underrated artist too. I think he has a lot of potential to be like a DMX or be a spokesman for the hood. He could really be a spokesman for the people in the streets that's not wearing the tight jeans and that's not going out, running and playing basketball.

He's somebody from the streets that can bring a message from hip-hop. Hip-hop isn't like it used to be, with the industry not being like it was. So I have to name Hell Rell on a lower level and Jadakiss on the mainstream level.

Rapper/producer Duke Da God is best recognized as the A&R for The Diplomats. Duke is recognized for his contribution to Dipset's More Than Music album series.

Check out some some Jadakiss music videos below:

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