Guest Star: "I Really Lost Some Momentum & Ended Up Waiting On A Lot Of People"

Saturday, Jan 8, 2011 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Vlad Yudin

[With 2010 now a distant memory, film director Vlad Yudin reflects on his biggest regret from last year which may have left him with low money and mo' problems.]

When I think back over 2010 and what mistakes or regrets I have, I would have to say it would involve momentum and waiting. I feel like I really lost some momentum and ended up waiting on a lot of people.

Sometimes when you make films and projects, especially when you're collaborating with other people, there's a lot of individuals involved. There's usually a lot of producers and a lot of times when you start a project, you come into a collaboration and have to wait for the other side to come through. So that can really draw you back and hold things up.

In the future, I'm going to focus on keeping the momentum going and getting multiple projects started. I really want to be moving forward [in 2011] without waiting for other parties to come together. I don't want to have to wait on partners to get involved.

That's one of the things I faced in general, and it's something that's common in the music industry as well. You have artists who collaborate with one another and they experience the same thing, having to wait on others. So I'm aiming to meet all the deadlines and moving forward with my career.

Headed into 2011, there's a lot of things happening. Right now [I've] got a deal with EMI and we actually re-released Big Pun's The Legacy [film documentary] project. We're gonna continue doing documentaries with artists. I'm not ready to say with who yet but we're going to be doing more films in that nature. We're also going to be doing feature films. Two genres, documentaries and feature films are on board [to embark upon this year], and I'm going to continue growing the company and making more exciting films.

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